Lumary Releases Innovative Permanent Outdoor Lights, Make Your Home Truly Unique

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumary, a creative company in the smart lighting industry, recently launched a self-developed permanent outdoor light. Elevate your home's charm with our Smart Permanent Outdoor Lights. These lights are designed to make your home stand out and shine. With customizable features, these lights allow you to create a unique ambiance that suits your style. Transform your outdoor space into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. Illuminate your house with sophisticated ambiance. Your home deserves to be extraordinary.

Lumary Innovative Design

Lumary pioneered the round appearance patented design, featuring wave-like lighting effects, and use the optical principle of the reflector cup emit light, beam angle of 46°, with larger wall washing areas. And uses 5054 integrated LED beads (RGB+Warm White), that create a cozy and inviting ambiance with the soft radiance of permanent outdoor eaves lights.

Illuminate Your Roof with RGBAI Lighting

Elevate your outdoor decor with the gentle glow of lumary permanent outdoor lights, creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere on Christmas or Thanksgiving with this Year-Round Permanent decor featuring a RGBAI color control system. Create a cozy and inviting ambiance with the soft radiance of permanent outdoor eaves lights, featuring RGBAI lighting.

Creates Amber-Like Atmosphere with RGBWW

In the field of permanent eave lights, Lumary takes the lead in developing RGB+WW LED chips, creatively achieving a warm white lighting effect at 2200K. Tunable to impressive amber-like colors, and create elegant feelings for any occasion or mood.

Lumary Multi-Control System

As with all Lumary products, we fully consider the usage habits of each member of the family and provide a variety of control way, including Lumary APP control, voice device control, remote control, and control box control, so that every member of the family can find what control way they like. With the Lumary app, users can easily customize colors and set timers for light control. Added remote controller for daily use. Additionally, they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control. The control box provides easy control with 1 key even without a network. 

Proven Durable Permanent Outdoor Lights

Lumary permanent outdoor lights have undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating their ability to endure extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F. Crafted from anti-UV materials and equipped with IP65 waterproof protection, Lumary provides high-strength 3M adhesive backing, complemented by screws and clips to ensure security. The glued eave lights easily support a load of up to 12 lbs and possess a pull strength of 15 lbs. Lumary is committed to offering users more durable and efficient lighting decor solutions, bringing consumers a new outdoor lighting experience.

Effortless Installation

With Lumary permanent eave lights, there's no need to call an electrician, saving you from additional charges and reducing installation time. Easily and securely hang them on your roof, whether the surface is wood, fiber, cement, metal or vinyl.

Permanent Holiday Scene Mode

There are various initial holiday lighting modes for selection, or you can DIY your lighting presentation. You can create a creepy atmosphere with blue and purple lighting color to amplify the Halloween vibes. Choosing red and green colors to add a holiday vibe to Christmas. With music & game rhythm modes, you can create a more rhythmic and dynamic atmosphere using Lumary permanent eaves lights.

Availability and Pricing

Lumary will release two 65ft/118ft versions with 39/78 LED eaves lights. Depending on the length, traditional permanent outdoor lights are $21- $30+ per foot while Lumary is only $2.5- $3 per foot, only one-tenth the price. It's a great replacement solution for your permanent outdoor eave lights.

Now available at and, retail at $199 USD (65ft) and $299 USD (118ft).

About Lumary:

Lumary is an innovative company that focuses on the lighting and is committed to providing users with high-quality lighting solutions. The company has a professional R & D team and continuously introduces innovative products and brings new lighting trends to the market. Lumary technology can combine voice assistants and mobile applications to provide high-quality smart products and a more convenient user experience for Lumary customers.

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Lumary Releases Innovative Permanent Outdoor Lights, Make Your Home Truly Unique

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