Lumary smart recessed can light retrofit lights

Can Lights


    Smart Ambiance: Lumary Smart Can Lights Collection

    Begin your journey to a better-lit home with Lumary’s smart can lights. These top-notch lights blend the latest technology with sleek design, letting you set the exact mood you want in any room.

    Mood Setter: Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Recessed Can Light RGBAI LED

    Light up your world with the Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Recessed Can Light RGBAI LED Retrofit Downlight, in both 4-inch and 6-inch sizes. Switch up the vibe for any event with a rainbow of color options, whether you’re throwing a party or winding down with a good read. They’re available in packs of 2, 4, 8, or 12, making it a snap to give your whole home a lighting makeover.

    Cohesive Lighting: Lumary Wi-Fi Smart Recessed Fixtures 4-inch 12PCS Set

    Need to brighten up a big area? The Lumary Wi-Fi Smart Recessed Lighting Fixtures 4-inch 12PCS set has got you covered. Get a uniform look across your space, and manage it all with the Lumary app—it’s lighting control at your fingertips.

    Classic Meets Smart: Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Recessed Can Lights Retrofit Downlights

    If you prefer the classic vibe, go for the Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Recessed Can Lights Retrofit Downlights, offered in both 4-inch and 6-inch models. They mesh the timeless with the tech-savvy, fitting right into your current setup and giving it a smart twist.

    Control in Your Hand: Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Retrofit Downlights with Remote

    For extra ease, check out the Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Recessed Lighting Fixtures Retrofit Downlights with a remote controller. Choose from 4-inch and 6-inch 4-packs for the ultimate in lighting flexibility, all from the palm of your hand.

    Effortless Upgrade: Lumary Smart Wi-Fi Can Lights

    Whichever Lumary smart can lights you pick, you’ll get the perks of Wi-Fi connectivity, vibrant RGBAI colors, and simple install. These retrofit lights are made to slide into your existing setup, so you can level up your lighting game with zero fuss.

    Elevate your lighting experience with Lumary’s smart can lights and bask in the perfect fusion of functionality, style, and personalization.