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Over the last two years, Lumary has grown rapidly and is gradually coming into people’s lives. It has the same quality as Philips, but at a lower price, and more and more people like it. In the US smart ceiling light fields, Lumary have achieved the number one sales. They have extendedits smart lighting to the outdoors this year, such as smart floodlight  In terms of appearance, they have adopted a modern design. Even the materials used for the exterior have been carefully selected.

1 selling brand in US recessed ceiling

“communicate” with the lamp in your home? Say “Wake me up at 7 am tomorrow” before you go to bed and the lamp will gently wake you up at the right time withnatural light. Say “I’m ready to read” and the lamp will automatically be set to a white light suitable for reading. The color temperature, duration, and color of the light can be easilycontrolled by opening your mouth. By simply setting all the scenes, we can easily control andenjoy our lives even more.

16 million colors

dimmble lighting 2700l-6500k

What is it like to have a Lumary smart home lighting system? 

Six scenarios are commonly used by smart home lighting systems. 

Good morning scenario 

Set your wake-up time and instead of an alarm clock, you may be woken up in the morning by abedside lamp that slowly lights up. 

Holiday scenarios 

When the owner is away from home, the house can’t be silent for days. 

In the holiday scenario, the system allows the lights to simulate the activity of the owner at home, creating the “illusion” that he is at home. 

Office/video scenes 

Working late at night and want to make the room darker? Feeling tired and want to relax withasong? Leave that to the lighting system! 

Set the office time and room, and the system can automatically adjust the lights and turnoff unnecessary light sources to reduce distractions. It can also be connected to a sound systemsothat you can hear your favorite music in the background when you arrive at the scheduled time. 

Meeting scenarios 

It’s not a good idea to have guests in the room when they’re visiting, so when you switchtomeeting mode, the system will adjust the light level in time to make communication between thehost and guests easier. 

Of course, it is also suitable for friends to have a good time together, the colorful lights aredefinitely a good help to adjust the atmosphere. 

Bedroom scene 

Ready for bed at night, but too lazy to get out of bed and turn off the light? This is a dailyoccurrence. With the Smart Lighting System, all you have to do is turn it off on your mobilephone. 

DIY Scenes 

You can customize the color/brightness/show method you like through the DIY scene, and thenpoint the command to the Lumary smart light. At the same time, the APP also has 30 Preset Scenes. 

This is how the Lumary smart lighting system is used. Starting with a light bulb, the smart homeis trying to take over every corner of our lives.

how to choose smart recessed color changing lighting

Lumary Smart LED Disk Ceiling Light 15W 6 inch

With 20,000 hours of use, You don’t have to worry that the increased functionality of smart lights will shorten their life of the lights. The LED recessed lighting will switch on and off automaticallythrough any shared device. The lights can be grouped or controlled independently through theLumary app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. It’s super easy to install. Lumay can realize the intelligent lighting of the whole house with the lowest budget and thesimplest method. 

About Lumary: 

Lumary is a smart lighting company that has accumulated more than 400 patents in the smart home field.


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