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Picked up these slim in-ceiling lights from Lumary because previous lighting I had installed didn't work properly and so decided on these and also because you have have both downlight and mood light ring on at the same time! This kit was easy to install and comes with all basic things needed and the main thing for me with this VS the other brand kit that I had, is not only does this come with an included physical remote control (which comes in handy if you don't want to use app for everything) but also the Lumary app works flawlessly and every time!! The customizing and many functions this app and system can do is mindboggling, but in a good way! You can have this pre programed to light in any way at any designated time or with the push of a button through a widget! The downlights are plenty bright for most sized rooms and the color rings are beautiful and the customizable transitions are my favorite! Have zero issues with this setup and definitely would recommend this over anyone else, and trust me, I've been through my fair share! Take it from me, and save yourself time, money and grief and just pick this lighting system up from Lumary!!

Just added 8 of these lights in our remodel and they are great! Added little bit of fun to the space! I plan to add more! It took a minute to link to WiFi but in the end it all worked out!

Non intrusive app

Easy to set up with Lumary app. I was pleased to see that while setting up the sprinkler water timer I was able to control the data being sent. The app will ask if you want to receive ads or recommendations and will also ask if they can collect data. I chose to not participate in both and was able to continue. That is a serious positive for me. This water timer is perfect for those that don't have a sprinkler system. I can either set a schedule or set it to go on demand. Highly recommend.

Effortless Water Management: Smart Sprinkler Timer 2 Zone

The Smart Sprinkler Timer 2 Zone offers a revolutionary solution for efficient plant watering. Crafted with a durable Brass Inlet, this timer ensures longevity and reliability, promising years of optimal performance. Its WiFi operation allows for seamless control and monitoring via the Lumary app, offering convenience and peace of mind, especially for busy individuals or frequent travelers.

One standout feature is the Rain Delay function, which empowers users to conserve water by skipping watering for 24, 48, or 72 hours during rainy periods. I invested in this timer to tackle watering challenges while away from home, and it has surpassed my expectations. The sturdy construction and IP55 waterproof rating ensure durability and resilience against outdoor elements.

Customizable zones enable precise watering tailored to specific plant needs, further enhancing efficiency and plant health. With smart connectivity and intuitive app controls, managing watering schedules has never been easier. Overall, the Smart Sprinkler Timer 2 Zone is a must-have for anyone seeking a convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly solution for garden maintenance.

Bright, easy to control landscape lights

I had been waiting for ages for my preferred smart home platform to offer more in the way of affordable landscape lights. I couldn't wait any longer and bought a pair of these Lumary landscape spotlights and overhead string lights. The app works well, the lights are bright, and the price is right. I've had 2 issues - a malfunctioning AC adapter and spotlight, both I suspect were the result of water intrusion. While water intrusion in a fairly protected outdoor area only 3 months into ownership is somewhat concerning, in both cases the warranty was honored. The customer service was prompt and shipped me a replacement part.

Great Product

These lights are amazing. Installed them, easy and wow do they look terrific. The neighbors love them too.

Great Customer Service

I bought 2 setts of these. They are great lights. 2 of the lights failed after about 5 months and after emailing them, they sent replacements right away 24 hours after my initial email to them.

EASY to Install!

Great product so far! The recessed lighting was pretty easy to install once I got the hang of it. I love the mood lighting and all of the different options for colors. Also, the down lights are super bright on high, but is also dimmable. This is exactly what I was looking for…this product delivered!

We ordered this product as well as a similar one to compare the two. We ultimately decided on this product (even though it was a bit more expensive) because of the quality of the product, but also the ease of installation and functionality of the app. You get what you pay for!

*There are three wires in the junction box, white, black, and green. The green wire is a ground wire. Not all installations will require you to have a ground wire, if you do not need it, grab some electrical tape and cover the end. Proceed with installation.*

The instructions that they sent with the lighting is very straightforward and simple, making it easy to install even if you’re not an electrician.

Make sure you download the correct app. There are 2 in the App Store that have the same name. One requires a monthly fee while the other one (the correct one) is free. This is a free app.

Hope this helps!

These are so pretty and I love that you can dim and change the settings on them to your preference. Installation isn't easy, but you should hire a professional or someone who knows what they're doing!

Stays on the wall without screws or nails


•These lights add extra character to my hallway. I love it!
•They come with screws as well as pre-cut peel and stick squares to mount them.
•I personally used ONLY the peel and stick mounting option. The humidity where I live gets above 80% indoors. The lights have been up for a few weeks now and they haven't fallen down once, dispite the moisture in the air. These things are definitely reliable and strong.
•I like that the remote control changes the lights for me. But I really like being able to adjust the lights using the app even more.
•The string of lights can be connected to another set of the same lights for wider coverage.


• The peel and stick mounting squares cover the holes meant for the screws. I didn't need to use the screws to mount the lights but If I wanted to use both screws and peel and stick mounting tape at the same time for added stability, it would be an issue.
•The lights could be brighter in my opinion. I wish they were brighter. I mean, they illuminate my hallway pretty well as they are but brighter could still be better.

Value for money

These lights make our house look very beautiful and with option to change color or theme, is fantastic. Three of my neighbors inquired about these, and bought. Very impressive.NOTE: Single light in set of 6 got damaged, and LUMRAY sent me a replacement without any hassle, so after service is great. Thank you.

Beautiful Lights, Easy to Install

I am a huge fan of Lumary and their lighting products. These lights are high quality and solidly built. They're easy to setup and can be installed into a low voltage controller or you can use their 120V adapter. Once installed, it's extremely easy to pair up with their app and combine scenes with your other Lumary lighting products. All in all, these are fantastic and high quality but are a bit more expensive than others in the market. In my opinion, it's worth it considering the quality of integration that Lumary provides and the quality and how well they stand behind their products which makes this price point justifiable.

The white lights are completely adjustable! For users who prefer yellow lights or Daylight white! I have found a really rich medium that reduces my stress level :D


We picked this up for a drip irrigation system. Previously, we had a digital controller that had to be manually setup on the unit itself. That eventually wore out and would get stuck open. This is a great replacement for that annoying old unit. This is quick to setup, and comes with the wifi hub needed. First set up the hub. Once that is added to the app, you can add the controller.

The hose controller works flawlessly through the app. It adds smart controls to a basic hose timer. This is great if you only occasionally need to water plants. That is the case where we will use this: it often doesn't need much extra water. With this, I can simplky click go from my phone whenever the plants are looking a tad stressed instead of overwatering things.

Overall I am very happy with this, and happy with the app. Everything works as it should.

Quick and easy

These lights and quick and easy to put up. Some LED lights come in a weird roll that is impossible to attach. These are thoughtfully made and super easy to install. The app is great and lets you choose from a bunch of lighting schemes.
Item reviewed: Lumary RGBAI String Downlights Smart LED String Lights 20ft with 30 LEDs, Mood Light for Couch/TV/Bedroom Backdrop, Ambiance Lights for Indoor Patio, Movie Room, Gaming Room, Plug on Left or Right

Awesome light. App could use some updates

This is now my third product by Lumary. I used to be all-in on Lifx but have started branching out and so far I've been impressed with how easily the Lumary app finds and pairs new lights. At least on iOS it's pretty effortless. This light bar is no exception. The only downside is that the app is a little confusing, especially when compared to Lifx. But the good thing is that software can be changed, updated, and/or redesigned at any time (for better or worse.) I think you can get a good idea in the difference in company between Lifx and Lumary by looking at their websites. One feels more like Apple while the other Alibaba.

I love that the downlight is diffused so that you don't see the individual leds. While the same can't be said for the uplight, if it's installed high enough and out of eye-line it is less of an issue. The overall design is nice and minimal. Although having a standard US outlet plug can either be helpful or a hinderance depending on your situation. In my case I don't have any ceiling outlets so installation took more effort.

Please Lumary, give us more cool lighting options to take advantage of the RGBAI.

Colorful pendant light

I really like this smart linear Lumary pendant light. It has just about everything you need in a light. It is easy to hang and runs off a regular power cord which can be hardwired into your pre-existing box. The light has several white color temperatures that shine down, which you can choose from. The top of the light has several different colors/multi colors that you can choose from. The app is easy to work with and best of all this works with Alexa. Looks great over my kitchen island and I can add a splash of color for get together‘s.

Died after 60 days/But they replaced full set

Worked great for the first 60 days then the power block died. Customer service takes days to respond and now does not reply at all. Poor product and nonexistent service. Suggest you buy from another maker.*UPDATE: It took longer than expected but they finally responded by sending me a full new set. I only needed a new power block but got full replacement without asking and no need to return old set. I consider this an excellent response. However, it did take 1-2 business days for them to repond via email each interaction and it took 3 rounds to get resolution. Not quick but good!

Awesome lighting

Lumary makes some of the best lighting for outside, we bought these after we had re did our entire bedroom with lumary lights. These impress me just as much as the bedroom lights . Very easy to sync to the wifi


Excelente producto; decorativo

My first unit was DOA but the replacement is a champ

The included gateway requires Bluetooth setup and the unit included in my box would never enter pairing mode. When I checked online, there seems to be no tech support or any way to contact the vendor.

The Internet offered only the same advice found in the setup guide. None of that advice applied since the gateway seems to be defective. It will power on but it will not enter pairing mode so I must assume it is defective.

Update 05/06/24
The seller send a replacement which connected on the first attempt. Setup of the schedule was simple and it is in the garden now. The timer was accurate and started on time. I did need to use an outlet closer to the garden for the gateway but WiFi was not an issue and now it is placed where Bluetooth can reach the valve unit.


Brilliant, Love at First Squirt

Skeptical, I decided to get this to help with my irrigation because I was tired of manually turning on and off the tap water. And boy, am I glad I did. It works very well, set up was a little interesting and I thought it was going to be an ordeal to get it working with the Bluetooth setup and wireless, etc. No such worries, set up went very well, and soon, I was setting up the schedule for irrigating my lawn. No leakages anywhere, manually turning on on a timer was instinctively simple. Love this thing.

Look good

I was very excited to get this product
Got everything installed and had some connection issues but got those resolved from customer service

All work great and very happy

Great Smart sprinkler with 2 zone

It was very easy to setup. I was able to set up completely in less than 3 minutes. I liked the ability to control the two zones from App, Rain Check. Monitoring the usage of flow is a cool feature too. The small form factor helped to place in my constrained space. The app is fairly easy to use.

Love these! But app is a little quirky

I've had them up on covered patio for months now and they've been used every night. It works a little funky if you're trying to switch lighting that's timed, but just delete the timer program and start fresh.Love these and the ability to customize them. Great for holidays, during baseball season their the colors of my favorite team. They're a huge improvement over plain white or remote control lights.