How to Choose Ceiling Lights for your Home

Lighting matters – and not just for essential tasks. Great lighting can dramatically transform a space. It adds depth and sets the tone and changes the vibe of a room. Lighting can draw attention to parts of a room and create accents – or lack of it can create mysterious and compelling corners and spaces.

Know about different types of Lighting

In order to make the right choice, you have to identify what type of lighting effect is preferred in a particular room. Different effects can be created using different ceiling lighting fixtures. You can choose your lighting fixtures basis the three core lighting effects that can be created with them :

  • Ambient Lighting – Ambient lighting focuses on the general illumination of a space. It covers all the corners uniformly and sets the tone of that room.
  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting highlights specific areas and spaces. Basically, it focuses light on certain features or decor accents in your home, emphasising their aesthetics and beauty
  • Task Lighting – True to its name, task lighting is focused entirely on enabling a task, be it reading, grooming, or cooking. The task lights are more functional in nature as compared to accent lighting.

The most beautiful homes have layered lighting. Layered lighting promotes a combination of all three types of lighting and their effects This ensures that all the light is not coming from a single source, rather it is dispersed to set a certain mood and atmosphere for that space. With the help of different types of ceiling lights, you can begin to create the right balance for layering. You can choose the right mix of functionality with aesthetics. You can either use ceiling lights for a particular effect along with floor lamps or table lamps or use them in combination with coordinated or different wall light fixtures.

Ceiling lights are an important aspect of lighting design. Most people focus on lighting up niches, tabletops, or large expansive spaces  – but not much attention is paid to ceiling lighting. We believe that a ceiling is like a fifth wall – a blank canvas available for exploration. Ceiling lights do not take a lot of space when it comes to the spaces we occupy and do not merge with other decor elements in an obvious fashion. Rather – ceiling light design can be the starting point for a particular decor style, offset colours and fabrics used in the room, create a vibe of choice, and can even become a conversation starter. Ceiling lights are also versatile and can match with or contrast with other different types of lighting in the room.

Types of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are the perfect choice to be the primary source of light in a room. There is ample space on the ceilings to experiment and place a decorative ceiling light. They can be placed in the center or in the corners in pairs. You just have to pick the right ceiling light that complements your aesthetics and needs. Or even what strikes a chord. Remember – it should be something that you can look forward to seeing and using every single day for a considerable period of time ahead.

With a plethora of designs and colours available across different price points – it can be quite confusing decision when it comes to selecting the right ceiling light. We recommend that it is best to go with the following ceiling light fixture options that have been loved and recommended by many designers and architects:

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Acacia Wood Cone Ceiling Lamp

Flush mount ceiling lights are those lighting fixtures that are installed close to the ceiling. There is almost no space between the light fixture and the ceiling. This is why these fixtures are best in a room that has many other decorative elements as it blends well with the decor. Most of the flush mount lights follow a minimalist design. So, these can be contrasted with contrasting and maximalist styles. It is also perfect for a minimalist-themed home. Flush mount lights can be used in rooms with a lower ceiling as well for optimum usage of space.

Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Branched Antique Copper Lamp

Semi flush mount lights are similar to flush mount lights with the difference that there is a space between the light fixture and the ceiling. The optimum space between the light fixture and the ceiling is between 4 to 8 inches. Semi Flush Mount lights are a great option in rooms with ceiling heights of 8-10 feet. Houses with lower ceilings can also use semi-flush mount lights as chandeliers. These are also ideal in cases where you do not have a false ceiling.


Antique Rectangle Chandelier with Beige Fabric Shades

Chandeliers add grandeur to a room. They are the ultimate showstoppers..  We believe that no home is complete without a chandelier. Chandeliers need not always be about extravagant design and multiple lights in elaborate and complex designs. You can also opt for delicate chandeliers with subtle lights or maybe go for a modern design crafted in a geometric or industrial design. Chandeliers are great accents suited for living rooms and dining rooms. They create warmth, and positivity and speak for the style choices of the room’s owner.  One important thing to keep in mind while choosing chandeliers is that your ceiling height must be above 10 feet. In cases of a lower ceiling, a chandelier may end up overpowering the space and create a feeling of being weighed. 

Pendant Light

Lotus Bamboo Ceiling Pendant Lamp Shade

Pendant Lights are great for task lighting. These are also called hanging lights. While chandeliers focus more on ambient lighting, pendant lights can be a good way to focus on a particular area.  These can be placed in the kitchen, in certain spots of the study room, or in vanity rooms. You just have to ensure that pendant lights are not placed in a low-ceiling room or else they can take up space and disrupt the feel of the room.

Inverted pendant lights

Hanging Glass Jar Pendant Light


Different ceiling lights can be used in different rooms, like a classic setup could be chandeliers in the living room followed by pendant lights in the kitchen and flush mount lights in the bedroom. Or, maybe you can try a bold setup and go for a semi-flush mount light in the bedroom and a chandelier at the entrance.

All the different options for your ceiling light needs are available at There is a vast variety of styles available, from vintage lighting fixtures to geometric designs to industrial accents and more. Find the perfect ceiling light, matching your taste with us. Explore now!

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