How to choose smart recessed light ?



Make sure it is compatible with your existing smart home setup (e.g. voice assistants, hubs, etc.)

Before buying a new smart home device, it is important to check if it is compatible with your existing smart home setup. This includes checking compatibility with your home automation system, voice assistant, and other connected devices.


Choose the right lumen output for your space.To choose the right lumen output for a space, consider the following factors:

  1. Room size: larger rooms need more light, while smaller ones require less.
  2. Ceiling height: higher ceilings require more light to reach the floor.
  3. Purpose of the space: task lighting, such as for reading, requires more light than ambient lighting.
  4. Desired atmosphere: brighter light creates a more energetic atmosphere, while lower light levels create a more relaxing environment.

Color temperature:   

choose a color temperature that suits your needs 

Color temperature refers to the hue of a light source, expressed in Kelvins (K). It refers to the hue of a light source, from warm yellow/orange to cool blue.

The right color temperature is a matter of personal preference and the intended atmosphere of the space. Warmer tones are more relaxing, while cooler tones are more energetic. It's important to choose a color temperature that fits the mood and function of the room.

Dimmer capabilities

Make sure the light is dimmable if you need that functionality. smart lights can be programmed to turn off when not in use, reducing energy waste.Look for lights that are energy efficient to save on your energy bill.


ensure that the lights are easy to install and that you have the necessary tools and expertise.

These are general guidelines, make sure to also check the specifications and reviews of each specific product before making your purchase.

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