How to choose the great smart lights for you

With the development of the technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the choice of smart home in 2022, traditional lighting can not meet modern needs other than lighting. Moreover, while realizing high-brightness lighting, more than 30% energy can be saved by the smart light, thus creating an efficient, wonderful,amazing and economical environment.


If you have not chosen a light yet, i will tell you that Lumary is one of the best smart light brands in the world. Its  downlight have a variety of amazing features and a sense of technology. The research showed that more than 60% of Americans believe that smart lighting fits their lifestyle which mean there are more and more people realize the benefit of smart light and decide to use it, and about 55% confirmed that they are prefer to purchase smart lighting if they need new bulbs.However, how to choose the right samrt light for you? You can trust that the Lumary's Smart Lighting is your best choice. There is a complete line of Lumary products, all of which have different uses in the home. Here is the following why i recommend you the Lumary.


Convenient control

Traditional lighting can only be controlled by a single channel, while the intelligent lighting control system can realize single-channel, multi-channel, switch, dimming, scene, timing, induction and other control, and it is also very convenient to operate. For example the Lumary smart recessed light have bluetooth Controller and Voice Control.It assists children, the elderly who not proficient in use smart phones and people with limited mobility to enjoy smart life.It also have remote control, you can control your home from anywhere in the world. What make me the most surprised is you can even control each light individually or put some lights you want in a group to control them. By the way the other lamps also have these functions.


Economical and energy-saving

With the passage of time, there is a general phenomenon that the efficiency of the lamps and the reflectivity of the wall of the room are attenuated, so the initial illuminance value of traditional lighting lamps will be higher. This not only results in inconsistent illuminance when the space is used at the same time, but also brings unnecessary waste of high power. After using smart lighting, although the initial value is still high, due to the intelligent dimming function, the system will maintain a stable illuminance in the space according to the preset standard brightness, so as to save the power.In addition, there are three styles to select, the cold-white,daylight and the warm-light. you can customize the brightness of your room according to your needs.

Biorhythm: Wake & Hypnosis

This is one of my favorite features. All of the Lumary smart light have this function. It can simulates the sunrise and sunset of nature. When you need to fall asleep, the light will be as warm as the sunset, slowly dimming and making people tired; before you get up, the light will be like the sun rising, and the morning light will remove you from Wake up in deep sleep. This allows me to immerse myself in the original feeling of nature. I often sleep late at night because of work and playing with my phone which affects my biological clock. With the help of Lumary smart light, I developed a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, which completely changed my life. I feel wise for my choice to use the Lumary lights in the first place.


RGBAI & DIY Scenes

Smart light fixtures can display a wide variety of colors. Compared with other smart light, Lumary UFO smart ceiling light have 24 independently controlled IC LED chips, each light bead can display one color. The ambient light can display 24 colors at the same time instead of a single color, which is unique in the market today. We have preset a variety of cool modes that you install and ready to use, you can also turn on the ambient backlight individually to enjoy the dynamic lighting effect when you snuggle up comfortably in bed or on the sofa. What's more, you can customize the color, brightness and show method you like through the DIY scene and then point the command to the Lumary smart light. For example, when you want to host a party, you can adjust the lights of different colors to create a stage feel and make them enjoy it.


There is no doubt that the smart light has gradually become a part of our lives. the birth of smart lights has greatly changed people's lives. As a result, the rise of smart lights is unstoppable.In the future, there will be more and more people choose to use smart lights. After looking at some smart lights on the market, i consider that the Lumary can live up to your expectations. In Lumary you can get the highest Cost-effective. You will be able to enjoy the top smart lighting experience at the lowest price.


In summary, Lumary's products have everything you need for a smart light at an affordable price. If you haven't used smart lights yet, i sincerely hope you can have a try.

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