How to choose the light?

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for lights are getting higher and higher, but after buying them back, they will think that the quality is not good and it does not match with other furniture. What should I do?


Now let me explain to you, how to choose the lights and lanterns?



 This is the first thing to consider when purchasing lights. lights are hung on the ceiling for a long time, and they have to withstand the attraction of gravity. Over the years, if the quality is not good enough, it is easy to cause the lights to fall off naturally. When purchasing lights and lanterns, buyers should not blindly covet cheap prices. They should first check the quality and check whether the warranty certificate and certificate of conformity are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, and the cheapest is not necessarily bad. When choosing lights, focus on safety!



 the effect after work

Many lights have a very high temperature after working for a period of time, which is a manifestation of poor quality. It is necessary to buy lights that have a relatively low temperature after use. The lower the temperature, the better, so that the quality is guaranteed. When buying lights, we should pay attention to the power and wattage of the lights. After the lights have been used for a period of time, there will be a black mark on the root of the lights. Pay attention to this black mark. The longer the use time, the more obvious the traces will be. This indicates that the life of this light is very low, and it will reach the end of its life, please replace it in time.



 Look at the appearance

nowadays people often pay attention to whether the appearance of the light is beautiful and whether it matches with other furniture in the home. Especially the lights in the living room, which can be appreciated by the guests after entering, are also the furniture that gives the first impression, so the lights in the living room are especially important, which is a symbol of identity.




When we choose lights, we need to choose the size of the chandelier according to the area of the room. For example, a room with an area of ​​about 15 to 25 square meters is more suitable for a chandelier with a diameter of 29cm. If the size of the chandelier is too large and the room is relatively small, the whole space will be viewed. It doesn't look coordinated.




 Combine with the environment. We know that the bedroom is a place for rest, and it is also a more important area in the home. The light in the bedroom directly affects the quality of our rest, so when we choose bedroom lights, we choose indirect lighting or diffused lights. Secondly, in terms of the appearance and light color of the lights, try to choose lighter ones. Soft lighting can create a quiet and warm atmosphere for the bedroom.


In addition, when we choose, we must not choose which kind of light is too bright, especially the choice of bedside light, which is mainly based on soft light. Different environments should actually choose different lights. Don't be greedy for beauty without considering the environment.



There are many elegant and beautiful lights on the market, and there will definitely be new ideas. Of course, when choosing lights, the choice is quality and safety, but a beautiful light is also your taste!


When choosing lights and lanterns, you must carefully choose the ones that are safe and beautiful. These two requirements are not excessive at all, and the current lights can do it. You can go to the furniture city and slowly choose the lights you like!


It is very easy to choose lights and lanterns, and choose carefully based on the above 5 points.

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