How to decorate your courtyard with outdoor lights?

Want the courtyard to become more charming ? Want to host memorable outdoor parties? Then try to become your yard brighter with outdoor lights, not only practical is also full of sense of atmosphere!

Light has been with mankind for thousands of years

Nowadays, lighting has gradually entered the field of environmental art

It has become an important factor in creating, decorating and enriching the environment

Outdoor lights such as patio string lights, landscape light, flood light is the highlight of the entire courtyard design

Lighting design is the means to reflect the aesthetic of the designer.

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Nightfall, the garden wants to become practical and beautiful, must be inseparable from the scientific and reasonable lighting planning and design.

The fundamental purpose of lighting design is to meet people's visual, physiological and aesthetic psychological needs, so that the lighting space to maximize the practical value and aesthetic value, and to achieve the unity of use and aesthetic function.


So what are the little-known details of the selection and application of lighting in the courtyard?

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Why should install outdoor lights in the courtyard


Perfect lighting can enrich the content of the patio or yard. Through the contrast of light and dark, the landscape to be focused on is highlighted in a background of low ambient brightness, attracting attention.

In addition, can decorate the courtyard space art. The decorative role of garden lighting design can be through the texture of the lamp itself and the arrangement of the combination of lamps and lanterns, the space to play a decorative or strengthening role.            

  Common lighting methods in the courtyard

 We have learned about the importance of patio lighting, so what are the common patio landscape lighting methods in different patio styles that give the patio a different look at night?

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This is the most common type of lighting in the landscape lighting, it is like using a flashlight to illuminate the object, although simple and crude, but it can ensure that the object is illuminated evenly on all sides.

Contour lighting

Contour lighting is used to enhance the outline of the landscape through lighting, highlighting the marked nature of the landscape.

Internal translucent lighting

This is the way of using indoor light to project outdoors, which has high requirements for pre-buried pre-setting of pre-wiring.

lighting form interior lights


Up-lighting method

The smaller the canopy, the smaller the angle of light tends to be.

Down lighting method

This method of lighting is often achieved by hanging the light from a tree or by means of a standing pole. This method is good for illuminating the yard at night, but it tends to have glare, which needs to be reduced by adding shades if necessary.

Road lighting

This method can be used to illuminate the road, when using the installation of the spacing needs to pay attention to.

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Boundary Lighting

Boundary lighting is similar to profile lighting, which can produce strong linear light, it is recommended to use warm tone brightness low light.

Focus lighting

This lighting method presents the focal point through the light source, taking care to highlight the light and dark areas through contrast.

Waterscape lighting

In the waterscape lighting must pay attention to the safety of electricity, there is attention to distinguish between point light source and linear light source. Often point light source luminous more uniform, linear light source can outline the edge.


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                   How to choose the outdoor lights?

Yard lights are essential in yard decoration, not only for people lighting, but also can add to the atmosphere of the yard.

There is a wide variety of garden lights on the market, we always pick out, do not know which is more suitable for their own yard, I summarized the selection of garden lighting points, now share with you.


Smart and Convenient

Outdoor lights be used scenes with large space and long distance. It is best to use smart lighting that can support remote control for easy use.

Such as Lumary smart floodlight with two aerials upgraded design: Stronger Wi-Fi signal transmission distance is increased by 1.5 times compared with ordinary floodlights. The antennas are foldable that easy storage and flexible placement. And have music Sync function, Lights dance to the rhythm of the music (This function is only available through the app). and DIY scene modes for all indoor and outdoor occasions, creating a cozy ambiance for gardens, pubs, cafes, balconies, weddings, birthdays, BBQs, parties, festivals, Christmas, and Halloween. Add a bit of fun to an outdoor party.                      

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Changing Color Lights

Because the outdoor patio lights in addition to the role of lighting there is a decorative role, so the lights can changing a variety of color is the most appropriate.

Lumary outdoor lights have 16 million RGB colors, and 2700K separate warm white, 1-100% adjustable brightness, define each bulb to meet different scenes.

What’s more, is Parallel connection, Each bulb can change color individually, if one of the bulbs is damaged, it will not affect the other bulbs. The lamp is replaceable and comes with 1 spare lamp for your spare.

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Good Freezing resistance & IP65 Waterproof Shatterproof and Durable

Throughout the year the garden lights are placed outdoors, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, in order to be able to use them properly, it is recommended to buy the lights with better sun and frost protection, so that they can withstand the summer sun and the winter cold, making home life more convenient. IP65 rating make it waterproof, sunproof, snowproof, and safe to use outdoors. A sturdy plastic shade protects the bulbs from drops and bumps, providing a long-lasting outdoor LED decoration.


Easy dry installation and maintenance


In order to make more comfortable and convenient, it is recommended to buy lamps and lanterns in a style that is easy to install and maintain. In life, you can install and maintain it by yourself, thus reducing maintenance costs.


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When laying out the lights, you should think of these points


Lighting should be fine, not more, too much light will make the work process becomes disorganized and difficult to operate.


Layered distribution of scene light and dark, lighting to reflect the distribution of light and dark scenes, to have a hierarchy, do not treat all the lights in one place.


Use the focus effect of light, to determine whether the light on an object to play a lighting or projection role.


From the theme to the local, from simple to complex, different occasions of lighting with lights is also different.


Lighting design does not have to be overly complex. should be simple and elegant, neat, harmonious and relatively simple. will be able to harvest the beauty of unity.

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