Interior Decoration, Install Downlights or Spotlights?

Interior decoration, install downlights or spotlights? Once you understand the difference between them, you will understand...

In the decoration process, the selection of lighting is essential. Usually, people will pay more attention to product quality, brand, and appearance.

Especially for downlights and spotlights, because some products are similar in appearance, it is easy to make mistakes in selection, thus affecting the lighting effect of the space.



Let's talk about how to make the right choice of lighting from the difference between downlights and spotlights and the usage scenarios.

Downlight: generally used for general lighting and auxiliary lighting

Divided from the installation method, downlights can be divided into embedded and surface mounted. Among them, the former is mostly used, which is also in line with the design concept of downlights: it is not obtrusive and does not occupy too much space, and maintains the overall beauty of the building. Even in some small spaces and occasions where minimalist design is required, downlights as the main light source can have unexpected design effects.

LED downlight
Downlights are floodlights, but they are more concentrated than general surface-mounted lights such as ceiling lights and chandeliers. The downlight is embedded in the ceiling, and the light is emitted downward. Through the acrylic mask, the astigmatism is uniform and soft, and the light-emitting angle can usually reach 80°~120°.

The lighting angle of downlights is generally larger than that of spotlights
Spotlight: mainly used for local lighting

Spotlights can be divided into embedded, track type, point-hung type. The first two are more commonly used.

Generally, embedded downlights and spotlights are highly similar in appearance. The difference is that the direction of the light source of the spotlight can be adjusted, while the direction of the light source of the downlight is fixed. Once installed according to the set lighting direction, it cannot be adjusted.


LED spotlight

In addition, spotlights are obvious spotlights, with a small light-emitting angle, usually between 20° and 45°. The light passes through the reflector or optical geometric lens, and the condensing effect is obvious, which can play a role in emphasizing and highlighting the illuminated area. The lighting has a certain sense of hierarchy, so it is generally used with other main light sources.

Choose downlights or spotlights:

Mainly according to the different scenarios to distinguish the selection

Downlights and spotlights are mostly used for commercial lighting and home lighting. There are still big differences between the two in terms of products and usage scenarios.

As we mentioned earlier, in terms of light, downlights can illuminate a larger space, and the light is softer and less directional. The light of the spotlight is directional, and the direction can be adjusted and changed flexibly. It is mostly used for decoration and embellishing the space.

In terms of location, the downlights are mostly embedded in the ceiling and wall, so as not to destroy the integrity of the wall.

Downlights are generally suitable for commercial scenarios such as conference rooms and office ceilings, as well as home scenarios such as aisles, living room peripheries, and bedrooms, providing comfortable and soft basic lighting for the space. If you want to create a calm and comfortable feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the sense of restraint in the space.

Spotlights are mainly installed around the ceiling, the upper part of the furniture or the surface of the wall, to illuminate the local area, illuminate the characteristic places, and highlight the beauty of things.

Spotlights are generally suitable for supermarkets, clothing stores, fruit and vegetable stores, as well as background walls, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, artwork lighting and other scenes that require spot lighting/key area lighting. Creates clean, clear light for enhanced area lighting.

Suggest everyone: In the decoration process, the use of lighting should not only consider product quality, brand, appearance, etc., but also choose the corresponding lamps according to the different usage scenarios.

Because only the reasonable use of downlights and spotlights can make the space lighting effect harmonious and beautiful, and achieve the desired decoration goals.

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