Lighting trends in 2023

Lighting is part of the interior decoration of the home. It went from being a necessity to becoming a true art that provides functionality and aesthetics. It has become the final touch of decoration, in which everything from traditional lights to Art Deco and LED lights prevail.

The lighting trends for 2023 are already becoming known. They are characterized by bright, personalized and colorful lights to provide a unique and perfect decoration. Solar and natural lighting also predominates, which is complemented with any type of lighting accessory. The key is to be fashionable in the new year.

How to illuminate your home with the upcoming trends?

Lighting accessories are a fundamental element for interior decoration. They can create a beautiful and pleasant environment, but if they are adapted to the characteristics of the home. The lighting must come from artificial and natural sources, depending on the amount of light and its distribution in each room. Each room reflects the light it needs.

So, if you want to renew the lighting in your home, the trends of 2023 are recommended to show off an incredible style of decorative lighting. Among the keys to illuminate the coming year are the following:

Natural light

Although lights are essential for lighting, it does not mean that natural light is left out. It is important that UV rays are perceived in the rooms of the home. This allows you to feel a more relaxed, fresh and calm space.

Light colors

help to subtly illuminate any space. The areas that receive the greatest amount of artificial or natural light are those that should be decorated with white, beige, blue, green or pink in light tones. The result is that they increase the perception of light and generate a feeling of spaciousness.

Big windows

Large enough windows flood each room with natural light. They are a trend that is revolutionizing the reforms and renovations of stays in the home. And it is that clarity and breadth is what families are looking for. It was in the past to be in the dark.

However, excess light could bother you, but the solution is thin curtains in light colors or with transparencies. During the day they can be positioned so that only a limited amount of light enters.

Decorate with mirrors

The decoration with mirrors offers spaciousness, a sensation of freshness and a better distribution of light. It is not necessary for the sun's rays to hit the mirror. They act as reflectors to multiply the light in the darkest areas.


The skylight trend is making a comeback. There must be at least one light entry in the ceiling in the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and living room. It comes in various styles and shapes that add more height to rooms and also help with ventilation.


Ceiling lights

When you don't want to install skylights, ceiling lights are an ideal alternative for the lighting trends of 2023. They are installed in the central part of the ceiling of a room. They can be hanging or attached to the ceiling. The most appropriate thing is to avoid placing the pendants in the rooms and halls, and the ceiling in the bathrooms, for example.This smart ceiling light can adjust the warm and cold light, and has 160,000 colors, so that you can customize the color of the light according to the decoration style of your home.

Auxiliary lights

Additional lighting with auxiliary lights depends on the size of each room. If it is a small room (6 to 8 square meters), only artificial and natural light is usually used. It is enough to illuminate the entire space. Although there are times when extra light is necessary.

On the other hand, larger rooms do require auxiliary lights almost all the time. The most popular are the standing or tabletop ones that can regulate the intensity of the light.


RGB lights

For artificial light to maintain a controlled temperature, the use of  is convenient. The best trick is to place those that have changes in intensity and color temperature. There are models with a regulator to have adequate lighting at the necessary moment. They are a trend since 2018, and it seems that it will stay for a few more years.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting is a previous step in any renovation or new home decoration. It is a mistake to choose decorative elements and colors without first considering what type of light is appropriate based on said decoration. Light and temperature points are foreseen, first of all.

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