Lumary Best-Selling Top 5 in 2021

Recently, we summarize the best-selling products in the past year, and you may notice that the Top 3 of them have been displayed on our official website. Thanks very much for your support and trust for our products, and we are deeply encouraged.

Lumary best selling products in 2021

In this blog, we will summarize the Top 5 best-selling in last year. According to our statistics, the Top 5 best-selling are Smart Canless Recessed Lighting, Smart Can Recessed Lighting, Smart Gimbal Lighting, Smart Ceiling lighting, and RGB Colorful Smart Strip Lights.

Top 1 Smart Canless Recessed Lighting

It makes sense that this product is our NO.1 best selling. Originally traditional ceiling light fixtures are very popular in thousands of homes in the United States. However Lumary Smart Canless Recessed Lighting is different from the traditional fixtures. Lumary smart recessed lighting provides a spectrum of 16 million colors for your lighting and can create many kinds of festival atmosphere. If you hate monotonous life, Lumary recessed light will give you more choices. It is vivid and interesting. You can adjust the appropriate color and color temperature anytime and anywhere. As the smart lighting, it can be supported smart function make our life Smarter & more interesting such as Biorhythm- Wake & Hypnosis, Music Sync, Voice and APP remote control and DIY Scenes. By the way, many customers install Lumary recessed lightings under the roof soffit, which is a good idea as roof soffit lighting (but please be careful not to get caught in the rain).

Lumary canless recessed lighting customer review1 Lumary canless recessed lighting customer review2 


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Top 2 Smart Can Recessed Lighting

It is popular for much the same reasons as the previous product. It is worth mentioning that It is very easy to install. Perfectly fits the traditional American house structure.


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Top 3 Smart Gimbal Lighting

Lumary Gimbal Lighting is one of our new products this year. It also belongs to a kind of ceiling light series. Lumary smart gimbal recessed light can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically. You can adjust the light to focus on the artwork, walls, sculptures and other objects in your home or office to suit your decorating needs.

lumary smart gimbal lighting

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Top 4 Smart Ceiling lighting

Lumary Smart Ceiling lighting is one of our products specifically designed to apply to multiple scenarios. It can be used on Living room, bedroom, dining room and even bathroom(Waterproof: IP44). Different form others ceiling lighting used long time will leaves many bodies of mosquitoes and insects. Lumary Ceiling lighting fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the interior of the lamp and leaving traces.

lumary smart ceiling lighting

smart ceiling used on multiple scenarios

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Top 5 RGB Colorful Smart Strip Lights

Lumary LED Strip Lights also has been popular products series.
Lumary RGB Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights - Color Changing Strip Works with Lumary APP/Alexa/Google Home, Control them by voice.
You can adjust the room color and color temperature through the mobile app; you can also connect all lumary products in series at the same time to command them with one click.
Lumary Smart LED Strip Lights have music synchronization function, the lights dance with the music/game sound.
You can hide the led strip on anywhere and remote control it changing color to create festival atmosphere.

led strip light customer review1 color changing lighting review picture


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Above are our Top 5 Best-Selling in 2021. How many do you have? thank every customers trust and support again. In the new year, Lumary will move forward and enjoy light together with you as well!


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