How to Avoid Constant Replacements: Permanent Outdoor Lights


Are you tired of constantly changing your outdoor lights, only to be disappointed by their short lifespan? Frustrated by the hassle and expense of frequent replacements? If so, your search for a long-lasting lighting solution that meets all your needs ends here. Introducing Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights - the answer to your lighting woes. From enhanced durability and energy efficiency to unmatched convenience and control, Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights are designed to elevate your outdoor lighting experience and provide you with the lighting solution you’ve been longing for. It’s time to light up your world with Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights.

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What’re the Consequences of Non-Durable Outdoor Lights

Opting for non-durable lights can lead to various troubles and undesirable consequences. That’s why Lumary stands out as the ideal choice for longevity and reliability. Here are the potential consequences of non-durable outdoor lights and why Lumary is the solution:

Frequent Replacements

Non-durable outdoor lights often require frequent replacements due to their shorter lifespan. Constantly changing bulbs or entire light fixtures can be time-consuming and costly, disrupting the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Increased Expenses

With non-durable lights, the costs of purchasing replacement bulbs or fixtures can quickly add up. Additionally, the energy consumption of inefficient lighting can result in higher electricity bills, further straining your budget.

Unreliable Performance

Non-durable lights may suffer from performance issues such as flickering, dimming, or inconsistent illumination. These problems can compromise the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor lighting, negatively impacting the ambiance and overall experience.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Non-durable lights often come with limited or no warranty coverage, leaving you unsupported in case of defects or malfunctions. This lack of warranty protection can leave you burdened with the expense of replacing faulty lights on your own.

What Makes Lumary Outdoor Lights So Durable?

Durability is a must for outdoor lights. Here are some exceptional durability features that make Lumary Outdoor lights stand out:

Rigorous Testing

Lumary lights have undergone extensive testing to ensure they can handle diverse weather conditions. From freezing winter nights to scorching summer days, these lights have proven their ability to endure temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F.

Surpassing Industry Standards

Lumary lights excel in durability. They feature anti-UV materials, protecting them from sun damage and preserving their vibrant appearance over time. With an impressive IP65 waterproof rating (reaching IP67 level), these lights are resistant to water and can perform flawlessly even during heavy rain or snowfall.

Lumary RGBAI Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro

Secure and Easy Installation

Installing Lumary lights is a breeze, thanks to their high-strength 3M adhesive tape, nail, and adhesive cable clips. These sturdy attachment options make installation a hassle-free process, ensuring your lights stay securely in place, even during strong winds.

Glued Eave Lights

Lumary’s glued eave lights are designed to handle demanding conditions. With an impressive load capacity of up to 12 lbs and the ability to withstand forces up to 15 lbs, these lights offer a reliable and durable solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

With Lumary’s all-season outdoor lights, you can rest assured that they are built to endure extreme temperatures and provide reliable performance. Say goodbye to fragile lights that constantly need replacements, and embrace the durability of Lumary lights for a trusted and long-lasting outdoor lighting solution.

Recommended for Different Regions and Application Scenarios

Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights offer a range of advantages, including waterproofing, anti-UV properties, and signal stability. These features make them highly recommended for people in different regions and various application scenarios.

  • Waterproof Design: Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights are specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements. With their exceptional waterproofing capabilities, these lights can endure rain, snow, and other challenging weather conditions without compromising their performance. Whether you live in a region with heavy rainfall or face unpredictable weather patterns, Lumary lights provide reliable illumination throughout the year.
  • Anti-UV Properties: UV rays from the sun can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of outdoor lights over time. Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights feature anti-UV properties that protect them from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This ensures that the lights maintain their vibrant colors and optimal performance, even in regions with intense sunlight.
  • Signal Stability: Lumary’s advanced technology and signal stability ensure consistent and reliable connectivity between the lights and control devices. This is particularly important in areas with potential signal interference or weak network coverage. Whether you’re controlling the lights remotely via the Lumary App or voice assistants, you can trust that the signal will remain stable, allowing for seamless control and operation.
  • Versatile Application Scenarios: Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. Whether you’re illuminating your garden, patio, pool area, or any other outdoor space, Lumary lights offer the versatility to meet your specific needs. Their durable construction, weather resistance, and customizable lighting options make them ideal for residential, commercial, and even public settings.Moreover, when considering lighting for areas such as the edges of your roof, selecting the best eaves lights to illuminate your outdoor living spaces ensures not only enhanced safety but also adds a layer of aesthetic appeal.
Lumary Outdoor Luminaires Create the Perfect Patio

No matter where you reside or the specific outdoor lighting requirements you have, Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights are designed to excel. Their waterproofing, anti-UV properties, and signal stability ensure reliable performance in different regions and various application scenarios. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s outdoor aesthetics or illuminate a commercial space, Lumary Permanent Outdoor Lights are the recommended choice to meet your lighting needs with unwavering quality and efficiency.

Your Journey to the Perfect Outdoor Lights Here

Lumary’s smart outdoor lights offer a superior lighting solution that combines durability, energy efficiency, convenience, and control. With their advanced features, such as RGB+WW LED chips, wavy light effects, multiple control options, vibrant colors, and long-lasting reliability, Lumary lights provide an exceptional outdoor lighting experience. By choosing Lumary, you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable, efficient, and customizable lighting, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to frequent replacements, unreliable performance, and unnecessary expenses. Make the smart choice with Lumary for your outdoor lighting needs and illuminate your outdoor spaces with confidence and style.


How often should I replace outdoor lights?

Under normal circumstances, repair or replacement should be performed every 5-10 years. But because outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to the elements, they will be affected by your area’s climate, the quality of the fixtures, and the frequency of cleaning.

Can I replace outdoor lights myself?

Don’t worry about not having the expertise to install outdoor lighting, outdoor lights are very easy to install and can be done by yourself after reading the instructions. If you’re still unsure, seek help from an electrician

Why are my outdoor lights burned out?

There may be two reasons:
The natural environment: improper ventilation, exposure to moisture, rain or high temperatures or Incorrect or damaged wiring.

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