Lumary to launch first 150W Smart UFO LED High Bay Light, which will change the situation of industrial and commercial lighting

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LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumary, an innovator of smart lighting, is about to launch its first Smart UFO LED High Bay Light. Equipped with Lumary App control, local control via remote controller, control away, and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it the bright choice for smart lighting in industrial and commercial environments.

The Lumary 150W smart UFO LED high bay lights, which are 22000 lumens, can adjust according to brightness and color temperature needs, using dual-color temperature and efficient 145Lm/W LED chips.

The Lumary smart UFO LED high bay light is a heavy-duty commercial light, weighing 5.4 lbs and made of durable ADC12# die-casting aluminum, the heatsink fin has outstanding dissipation.

The new product also features an IP65 waterproof rating. In addition, it also has a UL listed driver, which provides higher levels of safety & compliance, and comes with a G hook and a 6.6-foot power cord with a plug for easy and direct power source.

Through the Lumary application or Lumary remote control, the color temperature can be adjusted from 2700K to 6500K, and the brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100%. It meets the lighting requirements of different time periods and saves unnecessary costs under long-term high-power consumption lighting. The signal is stable, and by gently sliding the button with your finger, you can decide whether the entire warehouse's lights should be on, when they should turn on, and how bright they should be.

The wireless Bluetooth Mesh networking method has inherent advantages. "The core advantage of wireless control is convenience", and wireless networking greatly reduces the danger of long-term high-altitude operations.

Without complex wiring, you can control the brightness of each Lumary smart high bay light with a gentle touch on the Lumary App like adjusting the volume of headphones, quickly and smoothly, with almost zero latency. You can also set different groups according to different work areas requirements for group control. Since it uses LED high bay lights, huge energy consumption can be saved.

The lightweight deployment method of wireless networking can reduce maintenance costs such as slotting and wiring for workshops and warehouses that require a large number of lamps, and decision-making costs are also lower for managers. The entire workshop lighting achieves fine-grained control based on different area requirements and work time periods.

In addition, by connecting to the Lumary smart gateway (L-GW0A1), smart voice control can be achieved, work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri. You can also set schedule and remote control functions.

Lighting is essential for warehouses and workshops. The light intensity not only directly affects people's vision and work efficiency but also requires lighting to ensure the safety of various operation links such as storage and goods circulation.

In the past, warehouses and workshops mostly used high-pressure sodium lamps, which, due to their high luminous efficiency, strong fog penetration, and rust resistance, once appeared in various large places requiring strong lighting.

With the rapid development of semiconductor material application technology, LED lights that are bright enough and can save energy by 100% to 200% have become popular. If LED lights can be smart controlled, there are many places where costs can be reduced.

When 300W HPS lamp is replaced with a 150W Lumary Smart UFO LED high bay light, the energy-saving efficiency can reach 100% when the warehouse is lit for one hour. By using a smart lighting system to control LED high bay lights, another 200% energy-saving can be achieved on the basis of the already saved 100%, and through such layer-by-layer energy-saving, the daily energy-saving efficiency of lighting in the warehouse exceeds 300%.

Availability and Pricing
The Lumary Smart UFO 150W LED High Bay Light will be available on May 15, 2023 and retail at $199.99 USD on and Amazon

About Lumary
Lumary is a smart lifestyle brand providing high-end smart lighting products.
We are a tech-led, people-oriented company. Our technology can combine voice assistants and mobile applications to provide high-quality smart products and a more convenient user experience for our customers.
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Lumary to launch first 150W Smart UFO LED High Bay Light, which will change the situation of industrial and commercial lighting

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