Since Lumary first launched the world's first Smart RGBAI recessed lighting, this technology has received global attention and has since entered a new era of smart living and ambient lighting, creating a better indoor lighting experience to meet the various needs of consumers.


Compared with RGBW, RGBAI is more obvious, more direct and more easily accepted and loved by consumers. Although RGBW is still the main light color realization in the current lighting field, with the coming of RGBAI technology, lights with RGBW function only will be challenged by it.

Lumary Smart RGBAI technology
For gamers who like gaming and large single-player games, with the instantaneous switching of the main color of the computer scene, the feature of the background lighting switching gradually with it is one of the most important factors that attracts them. When consumers are in different scenes, according to the music rhythmof of different frequencies, the lighting can automatically identify and can quickly and gradually transition to different lighting colors is the core concept of RGBAI technology. But the technology of RGBAI enables the lights to mix different colors at the same time and gradually change freely at the same frequency, which is an effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary RGBW lights.

Smart Rainbow Mode

Unlike RGB, RGBAI LED auxiliary lights present amazing segmented colors in a line, similar to the effect of rainbow, so RGBAI also becomes rainbow lighting technology, and the switching between different colors can be done instantly that the naked eye cannot keep up with the rhythm.


Can Coexist with RGBW

RGBAI can co-exist with RGBW. RGBW technology can change the overall color of a light and adjust the warmth and coolness of white, while RGBAI can change the color of a light to many different colors and each color can be controlled and turned off individually. Lumary app can be switched inside, just by swiping your finger.

Lumary Smart RGBAI Recessed lightings

Music synchronization

According to different scenes and the change of music rhythm, RGBAI can automatically switch the effective time of the corresponding color block according to the rhythm to achieve the music synchronized switching of the lighting color panel, so that people can experience and enjoy the hapiness of scene change more immersively.

The latest Lumary Smart RGBAI recessed light with gradient assisted night light was launched on February 3, 2023. The specific price can be viewed below.

4 inch 1 pcs - $49.99 (Clikc here)
4 inch 4 pcs - $189.99 (Clikc here)
6 inch 1 pcs - $54.99 (Clikc here)
6 inch 4 pcs - $199.99 (Clikc here)

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