Simulation of "One Day Natural Sunlight Rhythm" + "Smart Lighting Scenes"

        Most people think that the lighting in their homes only serves a purpose of regulating the light and darkness in the room, but in fact, the lighting system can also be programmed to accommodate the user's different moods, lifestyles and schedules. That's what lighting systems do in smart home control. Lighting can light up your house and compound, or it can become a sub-system in the whole smart home system to make your smart life more colorful.

        The basic approach to lighting control is scenes. Scene control or scene setting allows lighting devices to illuminate specific areas based on light requirements. Scenes are customized to the user's needs, and instead of setting a uniform standard, lighting scenes can be customized to fit your daily behavior patterns and room conditions. With pre-set smart lighting scenes, you can greatly simplify your daily schedule with a few keystrokes.

       Scenes usually come from a professionally customized smart system. Smart home systems also allow for pre-set scene creation. Scene creation is not limited to lighting, you can connect lighting scenes with temperature control, security systems and theater control through the smart home system.

        Scenes can be activated by touch screens, tablets, smartphones, handheld remotes or wall switches. Wall-mounted switches are the most practical because you can operate them directly with almost no commands.

        A key aspect of lighting scenes is that all lights in your home are integrated into a central control system so you can activate/off different paths of lights in different rooms with simple control commands.

Light and the circadian rhythm

       Next, let's go into the student's learning activities for a day and experience the light rhythm function to help the student's body find a healthy resting state.

8:00am-08:20am  Reading Mode

After students enter the class at 8:00 am, the morning reading mode is opened intelligently, simulating the brightness and color temperature of the sun, opening the curtains and turning on the corresponding lights, with moderate color temperature and sufficient light, which helps students focus on reading. 


reading light mode

8:30am-9:05am   English Languages Arts

According to the school schedule, switch the corresponding scene mode, in which the visual effect of light and emotional effect are taken into account. The modern lighting concept is that the light needs to be appropriate for the environment to facilitate learning and increase attention, so the podium area is illuminated more brightly with high color temperature, and the student area is illuminated with moderate brightness and color temperature.  



9:20-9:55 a.m.  History

Take the liberal arts mode, the same in the scene we take into account the visual effect and emotional effect to enhance the students' image thinking, so the podium area more lighting for bright, high color temperature, the student area lighting brightness and color temperature moderate.


history class

10:10-10:45 a.m.  Math class

Take science lighting mode, proper lighting helps to enhance students' initiative, improve logical thinking and prevent fatigue, so the lectern area lighting is high brightness and high color temperature; student area is moderate brightness and higher color temperature.


smart alexa lighting scenes

11:00am - 11:30am  Nature Class

The lighting taken for this class is comfortable illumination and relaxed class, the scene is set to moderate brightness and high color temperature.


12:30-13:30  Rest Mode

Provide them with a pleasant, relaxing light environment and more efficiency in the next class, when all the curtains are automatically opened, the podium area lighting is turned off, and the student area has low brightness and low color temperature.


13:40 - 14:00 pm  Science class

PPT mode is used to stimulate a relaxed mood of discussion as well as focus the light of the presentation, when the lighting of the podium area is turned off, the brightness of the student area is reduced row by row from back to front, the curtains are automatically closed, and the electronic blackboard or projection is automatically turned on.



14:15-14:45 pm Music class

Performance mode is used to show the interactive atmosphere of the students, when the student area lighting can be turned off. The podium area is highly illuminated with moderate color temperature, and the curtains are automatically closed.


14:50 pm School dismissal mode

Energy saving, curtains automatically open, lighting all off, electronic blackboard or projection automatically turn off.


We develop the above set of intelligent scene lighting according to the regularity of the students' day curriculum, based on the health lighting rhythm work and rest, to achieve automatic or manual adjustment of lighting brightness and color temperature changes, accurately match the lighting pattern matching the curriculum, so that the light knows the time to know the scene, every day in school, with the light rhythm function to help students' bodies fill the search for a healthy regular work and rest state.


With the four core functions of "convenient operation, scene lighting, atmosphere creation and light rhythm", Digital Voice aims to create more possibilities for classroom intelligent lighting. Convenient access to the intelligent lighting ecology, enjoy remote, voice and other intelligent control, to create a healthy and comfortable intelligent lighting environment.

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