This Light Does WHAT? The Future of Recessed Lighting(2024 update)

Smart RGBAI recessed lights are revolutionising interior lighting with unparalleled versatility, customisation and intelligent connectivity. Unlike standard recessed luminaires, these innovative luminaires feature adjustable main lighting plus vibrant RGBAI auxiliary lighting that can be controlled individually or in groups to create a stunning range of colours, scenes and effects. You can tailor the lighting to suit any occasion or activity. You can also change lighting modes and scenes remotely from anywhere using the app and voice control.

In this article, we will explore the key features of smart RGBAI recessed lights, from the range of lighting options to the advanced controls, and see why they are fast becoming a must-have lighting solution for modern, connected homes that want maximum customization of their ambiance and experiences through lighting.

1. Unmatched Versatility in Lighting Modes of Smart RGBAI Recessed Lights

Smart RGBAI recessed lights empower homeowners with unmatched versatility and options when it comes to lighting modes. These intelligent LED lights offer four unique modes to fit any occasion or daily lighting need:

Adjustable Main Lighting

The main light has an adjustable color temperature ranging from warm (2700K) to bright daylight illumination (6500K). This makes it easy to set the perfect ambiance or energy level with the main lighting for any task or activity. The main light brightness is also dimmable to your preferred lumen level.By understanding the impact of different color temperatures, you can harness the power of warm, cool, and daylight hues in your outdoor lighting design. Warm tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cool hues provide a crisp and energizing feel. Daylight tones offer a neutral and natural ambiance, perfect for tasks requiring high visibility.

Vibrant RGBAI Auxiliary Lighting

In addition to the tunable main lighting, smart RGBAI lights have auxiliary RGBAI LEDs lining the interior rim to provide accent and decorative illumination. The colors from these individual red, green, blue, amber, and ice-white LEDs can be controlled separately or together to produce a vibrant spectrum for festive lighting scenes and color transition effects—more on RGBAI lighting customization later.

Nightlight Mode

For soft illumination needs, these versatile recessed lights offer a gentle nightlight mode from the auxiliary RGBAI LEDs. This is ideal for subtle visibility in halls or bedrooms without needing the intensity of the main light. The nightlight prevents tripping hazards and is soothing.

APP Smart Control RGBAI Embedded Lighting

Gradient Effects for Seamless Color Changes

A key advantage of the auxiliary RGBAI lighting is the gradient function which blends together two colors for a seamless, intersecting transition down the line of RGBAI LEDs inside the light. This creates an elegant accent effect.

2. Customization for Any Occasion or Activity

The key advantage of smart RGBAI recessed lights is the ability to customize every aspect to match any occasion or daily activity you do in your home.

Vast Range of Preset Scenes

With the auxiliary lighting alone, you have access to 44 built-in dynamic lighting scenes to transform the ambiance, from warm and cozy to flashy and colorful. Select holiday-themed scenes for seasonal celebrations or choose a dim, romantic scene for date nights.

DIY Your Custom Scenes

Don’t see a preset scene that matches your vision? No problem! The advanced app allows you to DIY fully customized scenes that save your preferred settings for brightness, color temperature, colors, speeds, effects, and more. This makes replicating your favorite ambiance for special or everyday moments effortless.

RGBAI Embedded Lighting DIY Lighting Colors for Various Application Scenarios

Group Color Control

Switch up the entire color scheme of the RGBAI auxiliary lighting instantly using the app’s 22 default color combination presets or group color change functions. For example, make all of the line segments transition between festive green and red for Christmas.

3. Intelligent Connectivity and Controls of Smart RGBAI Recessed Lights

What sets smart RGBAI recessed lighting apart is the intelligent remote connectivity and controls for limitless customization.

App and Voice Assistant Integration

The companion app unlocks advanced controls like 50 preset dynamic scenes and modifications on the fly, whether home or away. Integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit allows scene and mode changes using just your voice. For those times when you don't have access to the remote, there are several ways to control your LED lights without it. With options like smart light switches, universal remote control apps, and voice commands, you can easily change your lighting settings even if the remote is misplaced or out of reach

Granular Individual Section Control

For the RGBAI auxiliary lighting, take command of colors in each individual line segment inside the recessed lights. This granular control makes spotlighting very specific areas or wall art easy.

Immersive Music Sync

Activate the innovative music sync function to have the RGBAI auxiliary lighting react and shift colors in time with songs playing from connected speakers. This creates an immersive lighting experience few systems can match.

4. Convenient Do-Not-Disturb Features of Smart RGBAI Recessed Lights

The built-in do-not-disturb mode guarantees smart RGBAI recessed lights won’t accidentally turn on when not desired.

Won’t Disrupt Your Slumber

We’ve all had the unpleasant midnight awakening of lights suddenly blasting on after a storm. The do-not-disturb feature avoids this by keeping lights off after a power outage so you can sleep soundly. No need to worry about the RGBAI auxiliary lighting, main light, or even nightlight mode glaring unexpectedly.

Holiday Lighting Won’t Welcome Intruders

When away on vacation, you want to return to a dark home without advertising your absence to potential intruders with glaring lights. The do-not-disturb mode ensures your custom holiday lighting scenes and colors won’t spontaneously activate after an outage to hint that nobody is home. You can relax on the beach knowing your lighting stays off! However, when you're at home, strategically placed eaves lights can illuminate your outdoor living spaces, creating a welcoming and secure environment. These versatile fixtures, mounted under roof overhangs, awnings, or pergolas, cast a bright glow onto the surrounding area, extending the usability of your outdoor spaces well into the evening hours.

5. Effortless Transition to Smart RGBAI Recessed Lighting for Your Home

Our smart RGBAI recessed lights are crafted to make your lighting upgrade a breeze. Designed with the everyday homeowner in mind, these lights fit perfectly into the standard housing and wiring setup that your current recessed lights already use. This means you can switch to smarter lighting without any headaches or calls to an electrician.

Seamless Swap for Existing Fixtures

These lights are made to the same size specifications as most traditional recessed lights, so you can easily swap them out one for one. No need to worry about resizing holes or messy construction work. Plus, the driver box is designed to hook up just like your old lights, so the changeover is straightforward and stress-free.

Effortless Installation with Secure Clamping

Installing your new RGBAI lights is quick and efficient, thanks to the built-in spring clamps. You won’t have to fiddle around trying to get the light to stay in place; simply push it into the ceiling recess and the clamps will snap securely, ensuring your light stays put.

Check Space to Maximize Experience

To take full advantage of the beautiful 22 default color settings available with the RGBAI auxiliary lighting, we recommend a minimum ceiling opening of 4 inches. If you’ve got more space, even better! A quick check of your overhead area will ensure you have enough room for these stunning lights to shine at their best.

Remember, taking a moment to measure and inspect your space before starting not only makes your installation process smoother but also ensures that once installed, your new lights will perform exactly as you envisaged—casting the perfect glow to suit your mood or the occasion. With our smart RGBAI recessed lights, transforming the feel of your home is as easy as flipping a switch.


With unmatched versatility in lighting modes, endless customization, and intelligent controls, Lumary Smart’s revolutionary RGBAI recessed lights are truly the future of interior lighting. They empower you to easily set the perfect ambiance whether for focused tasks, special occasions, or relaxation time. The vibrant auxiliary lighting provides accent illumination perfect for transforming any space into a colorful wonderland with smooth gradients. And integration with smart home ecosystems allows you to shift scenes at will using your voice or devices.

For modern homeowners who want to give every room a customized personality tailored to the moment’s needs or moods, Lumary Smart RGBAI recessed lights are a must-have addition combining high-tech performance with simple recessed installation. Bring your decor visions to life and give your guests an unforgettable experience by outfitting your home with Lumary Smart’s innovative lighting solutions.

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