The Advantage Of Lumary Outdoor Bulb String Lights

With the development of science and technology, people are paying more and more attention to life experience.Everyone has more refined choices in the layout of their own homes, and has more requirements for their own courtyard decoration.We knows that are one of our great options when it comes to decorating our own patio.Also, the role of outdoor string lights is not just decorative so simple, he can also help us when doing activities, such as we have a party, do games, friends get together, etc.outdoor string lights can help us create a really fantastic atmosphere.

Nowadays there are a variety of bulb strings on the market, how do we choose? Firstly, we need to consider its material, whether it is strong and durable.  Secondly, we need to know what function it has and finally in the analysis of the product's cost performance.Here I would like to recommend to you the outdoor light bulb string from Lumary.Now i will tell you why I recommend them.


Its main material is plastic.Unlike other bulb strings on the market, it is not the way to hang up the bulb two wires, which is easy to break the wire because of the weight of the bulb, it adds a connector to connect the wire to the bulb, so that they form a triangle of stable form, and it is wrapped in the outside of the plastic film with thicker plastic, is twice as thick as the common bulb string wire.Therefor we do not have to worry about the wire frayed and broken due to the weight of the bulb, and it can also have a longer usage time.

Various control modes

This product has three control modes, namely voice control, app control and traditional control.In today's smart home life, traditional control can no longer satisfy us.I believe that everyone can understand how convenient it is to be able to control through voice control and mobile phone app control without me explaining too much.The most obvious point that smart lighting brings to us is that it simplifies our operations and enables us to have a superior experience.

Sync with Music

This is definitely one of my favorite features.You can not imagine how amazing this feature is.Lumary smart outdoor light for patio can change the color with the beat of the music or the sound of the game.Different from the color change of the light in the bar, it is regular and changes according to the color set by the product itself, while this product switches the corresponding color according to the rhythm of the music, which are two completely different concepts.When you dance to the music, the lights change with the rhythm of the music. When you have a romantic dinner with your lover outdoors, lyrical music is played, and the lights slowly change. Just imaging it.This is definitely the best scene atmosphere.This music synchronization function can make people more enjoyable when playing and dancing.

IP65 Waterproof String Light for Outside

The IP rating is the degree of protection for the enclosure of electrical equipment against the intrusion of foreign objects.The first problem that needs to be paid attention to when placed outdoors is the waterproof problem.IP65 refer to completely prevent dust from entering, rinse with water without any harm. In our daily life, It is common to encounter rainy days outdoors. If it rains every time, it will be very troublesome to find a canopy to cover the light string, or to take away the light string. This product can let you have no troubles in this aspect at all. It has IP65 protection level, which can completely prevent the invasion of rain.We often see some lamps fail because they are not waterproof, but this product will not happen.

Individual Bulb Control

Each bulb is individually controlled.Most of the bulb strings on the market are connected in series, which leads us to control the bulb on or off, is the entire string of bulbs together to turn on or off, as a result, we use the light color change is difficult to achieve the effect we want.The strings are connected in parallel, which means that we can control the brightness and color of each bulb individually. The string of bulbs can be made to emit different colors at the same time. What's more, when one of the bulbs is damaged, it will not affect the whole string, we just need to replace the damaged bulb to continue to use, which reduces a lot of unnecessary waste for us!

After comparing multiple products, I still think that lumary's outdoor light bulb string is the best and most cost-effective.Whether it is material, function or price, it is obviously more advantageous.Facts speak louder than words, if you want to buy a string of outdoor light bulbs, I think you can trust me to buy one and have a try,

Lumary is a company specializing in smart lighting.It not only has an excellent product of outdoor light bulb strings, but also has a number of smart lamps with excellent performance and competitive prices, such as ultra-thin recessed lights and ceiling lights.If your home needs to add lamps or you want to make the lamps in your home more intelligent, lumary must be a good choice, I   recommend you to visit their store.

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