The Correct Posture Of Using Smart Lights

Many people have a bias against smart lights, and many who have only heard about them but never experienced them have a bias against them and are often eager to talk about them. A common complaint is: to turn on a light but also to unlock the phone, connect Wi-Fi, then open the App, and then press a switch, what is the effort? I pressed the wall switch directly, it's not good?


Well, then touch the switch. Home at night to open the door to put down the hands of a large number of things and then touch the switch; lying in bed at night to play with the phone suddenly have the intention of sleep and then get up to touch the switch (and then awake); want to go to the toilet at night to touch the switch and then endure the blinding light ......


The above are some real and common scenarios. You may not find it inconvenient when you don't know there is a better experience. Smart lights are here to improve these detailed experiences.


Lumary smart lights use the IFTTT mechanism to select GPS trigger conditions, every day home as soon as the proximity of a geographic location, the home lights will automatically turn on, convenient while facing the light coming from the window inside will have a touch of warmth.


Lumary smart lights using a delayed switch set a delayed time period before going to bed so that whether it is reading a book or playing with the phone and other sleepy after the natural sleep, after a period of time the lights will automatically turn off.


Lumary smart lights utilize a wireless switch. A physical switch that can be placed anywhere is more convenient and practical than a wall switch.


These control methods, if applied properly, Lumarysmart coupled with scenario lighting (immersive experience with multiple colors) scenarios will bring a lot of convenience and comfort to daily life, completely eliminating the need for mobile app control.


The development of anything can not be done overnight, there is a process of evolution. Smart lights just appeared when the smartphone was a breakthrough point, with its strong correlation, the initial some enthusiasts liked, but also caused the public the "not smart" impression.


Gifts for those who are really concerned about the smart home crowd.


1. It is healthy. In traditional lighting, the light source in the lamps and lanterns contains blue-violet light, the human biological clock is based on the degree of blue-violet light exposure, so it will affect the secretion of the human Bedroom lighting fixtures, it should consider this detail, avoiding the problem of blue-violet light. Lumary smart light can adjust the color temperature of the light so that you are exposed to the most comfortable light.


2. It is comfortable. In the lighting area, the Lumary team repeatedly tested according to the lumen and color temperature of the lamp beads and finally selected a very low color temperature, the lower the color temperature, the more difficult the production process, and the higher the cost.

Lumary smart lights

3. It is smart. Lumarysmart can be automated with one key, with a biorhythm function. It will light up when you need it, the first time to sense your needs and be safe and energy-saving.

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