The Development Trend of Lighting Technology

Flexible lighting. The gimbal lights can be rotated freely, and the lighting angle can be changed at any time. The lighting method with multi-functional characteristics can also play a good lighting and visual effect on the lighting of the family and can achieve "flexibility" in space, and not only This method can be used in home lighting, and can also be applied and developed in a variety of places. Widespread application of electronic technology.
At present, electronic technology has been widely used in the field of lighting, indicating that there will be major changes and progress in lighting technology. The electronic components of the lamp can greatly improve the light efficiency of the lamp. For example, in addition to saving electricity, electronic ballasts can also extend lamp life by 25%.

Lighting control is also very important. The development and application of automation technology for "smart" lighting and remote lighting dimmers enables flexible adjustment of illuminance levels according to time, place, weather changes, and personal needs, thereby further tapping the potential of using natural light and lighting energy saving. The study of the light environment and the development of new light sources.
Lighting utilizes the beneficial side of light for human beings, but visible light and non-visible light also have non-visual negative effects on human beings. This is a topic that the lighting industry at home and abroad is interested in and has begun to study, such as the newly emerging cold light source and the perfect alternative to incandescent lamps. Low-energy liquid crystal light sources such as gas discharge lights are new energy-saving light sources.
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