The Reason Why More and More People Choose Recessed Lightings Than Other Lightings

Based on the increasing number of homeowners upgrade light fixtures cases over the past decade, recessed lightings has become increasingly more popular and in demand, especially in smaller rooms.


Why choose recessed lightings?

Compared to traditional large ceiling lights and strip lights, recessed lightings can make the whole room look bigger and brighter because it will be placed only at the edge of the room ceiling, and when the light is on it will surround the middle space, and with the superimposed effect of light, not only can every corner of the room be evenly illuminated, but also make the visual space in the middle of the ceiling become very large.

Lumary smart wifi rgbw recessed dwonlights

To sum up.
1. The effect of recessed lighting makes the room as a whole looks very large, visual space more open.
2. Recessed lighting can change the angle of the light, especially in the times of smart technology, the demand for smart recessed lighting is growing rapidly.
3. Recessed lighting is safer than traditional chandeliers or strip lights, because the recessed design protects it from dust, children and accidents, and will be more visually at ease than traditional chandeliers.
4. Can be replaced anytime and anywhere while the overall lighting atmosphere of the effect is relatively small, if one of your recessed lighting is broken, this does not affect the lighting effect in the whole room too much, but if you use a large ceiling lamp or chandelier, when it is broken, you have to choose to repair or replace.

In general, many people choose to follow recessed lighting in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and closets. It is especially suitable for lower ceilings where there is not enough space for pendant lights, and also in places where the space is open enough such as living rooms.

Disadvantages of recessed lighting

1. The number above the demand for more: traditional chandeliers or ceiling lights generally only need about 1-3 to be able to light the room well, but recessed lighting requires more, in order to the aesthetics of the room arrangement, recessed lighting is generally installed on the edge of the ceiling wall, because the recessed lighting is small, so the number of requirements is very large.

2. The shape of the lack of charm: almost all the recessed lighting on the market is the same shape of the disc, although the gradual emergence of rectangular recessed lighting in the past few years, but the shape of the disc is still the most popular, so many years there has been no other shape of recessed lighting, which also reflects the stability of its shape.

3. Installation is not simple: because the number of demand is high, so the time and effort usually spent on installation will be far more than a chandelier or ceiling lights need time. And because of the embedded design, many times the people themselves need to use a drill to dig a hole in the ceiling above, which is relatively tedious. While the ceiling light or chandelier does not need to dig their own holes.

What are the recommended recessed lighting fixtures:

1. Lumary 6 inch Ultra Slim Smart Recessed Lights
2. Lumary WIFI Smart Gimbal Recessed Lights 4 inch 9W
3. Lumary 6 inch Ultra Slim Smart Recessed Lights - Black

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