Tips: Smart Switch and Smart Lights Conflict?

This issue is slightly more complicated. smart light is relatively well understood, is put in the light of a wireless module, and then connected through a gateway or routing, common can be controlled through APP, speakers, etc. can not explain more.

Switch words can generally be divided into 3 categories in terms of how to achieve them.

The first is to add a wireless module in the traditional wall switch, which generally can also be called mechanical, control is through the module control inside the relay suction, never control the wire on and off to achieve the switch lights (there is zero fire and single fire), but this way in the control off, the light is disconnected, so the light is offline, can not be controlled through the smart light on the light dimming, etc... This may be what you call a conflict ...... the benefit of this word is that the switch does not pick the light, because the control wire so all lights can control the switch, the home modification under the words are quite convenient, after all, open and close the switch this action people have been accustomed to so many years, will not easily change, so if you only need the switch, change the smart switch More reasonable than changing the smart lights.

The second is relatively rare or generally used as a mobile switch, a less direct replacement switch panel. Is the switch he is not to control the zero fire, but the module in the switch or directly or indirectly through the gateway to control the module in the light, in this case, there is no so-called conflict, but the limitations are more obvious, because if the direct replacement of the traditional, it is the same as the wire can not be controlled, once the module regardless of the light module or panel failure, it is the same as the light can not be controlled. This is unacceptable to most people, and then with this switch, the general switch and the light is matching, usually the same manufacturer, so the purchase will be limited.

There is also a kind of lingering switch, it is the same as the above 2 kinds of panels combined under the panel with a small dial code or screws or something small organs to switch ~ ~ ~ so can meet both a situation, can also meet the second situation, in the second case of failure can also switch to the first to do backup, so this switch is now the most suitable for the time being.


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Smart Lights or Smart Switches Work Well

Option 1: Smart switch + ordinary lights:

Advantage: low transformation threshold, low cost, no need to worry about smart lights, and decoration style does not match.

Bad: only control the switch, the light dimming color can not be smartly controlled, smart lighting experience is not complete.

Program 2: smart lights + ordinary switches

Advantage: smart lights dimming color, a variety of control experiences is complete.

Bad: ordinary switch-off light disconnection, change the habit of wall switch lights, poor experience.

Program 3: Smart light + smart switch

Superior: solve the problem of ordinary wall switch-off light disconnection, taking into account the smart lighting and living habits, the best effect.

Disadvantage: the two at the same time smart function conflict, and the cost is too high.

Build a lighting solution with smart lights as the core

Lighting is the soul of the space and can influence the mood of the occupants.

The lighting design, is more people-oriented, with all the lights to serve the habits of people living.

The best smart lighting should not feel the presence of intelligence.

The light serves as the main body of the lighting, in a particular scene using the natural control of the way.

Creating a suitable lighting atmosphere is the best lighting solution.

In the "open the door light" scene, the moment you come home in the evening to open the door along with the entrance light brings a sense of ceremony, far beyond the experience of reaching out to turn on the light.

Turn on the TV living room lighting default switch to the viewing mode, and turn down the brightness of the light.

Turn on the ambient light and downlight, rather than waiting to adjust the lights one by one after the mood of movie watching has disappeared.

Whenever it is clear that there is a switch next to the bed, but the extra effort to open the cell phone APP or call the voice assistant to turn off the lights, such a scene is embarrassing

Use automation in areas that can be automated, such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other areas where the lights come on and go off.

The use of body sensors to achieve low light and someone automatically turns on the lights, no one automatically turns off the lights can be, everything is natural.

This is the best smart solution in our minds.

The light always illuminates your life perfectly at the most correct time and place.

Trends in smart lighting solutions

Although the smart experience is now very mature, we are still in the beginning stage of "lighting".

And with the changes in lighting home environment and living environment changes.

Light has long been not just to meet the functional needs of lighting, although the budget for lights and lanterns accounts for only 5% of the whole house decoration.

But it takes into account the value of 100% of the atmosphere created.

Good lighting design can make the whole space looks more layered, and every style, exponentially magnifying the interior decoration effect.

In modern houses where the floor height is compressed by floor heating, air conditioning, and fresh air.

Then install a gorgeous big light in the ceiling, the whole space will be squeezed, very oppressive.

And the bedroom is only space for rest and sleep the light would not have to be too strong.

A table light, and a few strips of light, have been able to bring warm and warm light to the space.

Replace the main light in the original space with light strips, downlights, spotlights, floor lights, and other lights to partially disperse the lighting area.

Make the whole space look more layered, combined with a perfect and stable smart experience, and let the lighting enter a new stage.



Smart Lighting System Advantages

1, smart control is more convenient, simple, and fast

The smart lighting control system is a centralized system to do a key control lighting, lighting systems can also be fully automated, and set the time to automatically switch the scenario mode so that the lighting system control is more convenient, simple, and fast.

2, the use of an smart lighting control system can protect the lights and lanterns, extend their life and reduce costs.

The smart lighting system can extend the life of the lights and lanterns 2-4 times, not only can save the consumption of lights and lanterns, but can save the workload of replacing lights and lanterns, effectively reducing the cost of operation and labor costs, and improve the overall management level.

3, smart lighting control system energy saving, environmental protection

An smart lighting control system adopts advanced technology, which can make indoor illumination always remain near the constant value, and can make full use of natural light to achieve energy saving, substantial savings in electricity consumption, but also environmental protection.

4、Protect your eyes and provide a good living environment

An smart lighting control system can adjust the brightness of the light, in different applications, you can reasonably apply the lighting illumination degree. So that the eyes can not have to spend a long time in a bright environment affect the eyesight, and these traditional lighting systems can not do. Such as watching TV and movies at home, you can use Lumary smart lighting control system to change to the corresponding scenario mode, and such as children reading and writing at night, you can apply the reading mode, so you do not have to worry about the children's eyesight will be greatly affected.

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