Warm light brought by ultra-thin recessed LED downlight

Electric light is a great innovation in the history of human development. LED lights are a leap in the history of lighting development. The recessed LED downlights are one of the backbone of LED lights.

So what should a good recessed LED downlight look like?

First, it should be bright enough. No matter what kind of light it is, lighting is its most fundamental attribute.

There is a very important reason why LED lights have become the mainstream of the current light industry, that is, they are bright.

Some people say that it is easy to light up, just increase the power. But the "bright" we are talking about here is not simply bright, but high luminous efficiency. That is, under the same wattage, more light is obtained.

The theoretical luminous efficiency of LED lights is between 90-130LM/W, but in fact, after LEDs become lights, they will be wrapped in packaging materials and light housings, which is difficult to achieve this luminous efficiency.

The luminous efficiency of the ultra-thin recessed LED downlight reaches above 90LM/W, which can bring more light to people under the same wattage.

Second, its light must not be dazzling. In home lighting, warmth and softness are the mainstream. While the LED light is bright enough, if it is not handled properly, it will be very dazzling.

How can the light of the recessed LED downlight not be dazzling?There are two ways: one is the layout of the LED light beads, and the other is to choose a suitable lampshade.

The light beads of the ultra-thin recessed LED downlight are evenly distributed, and the light emitted is more even. If the light is uniform, it is not easy to dazzle the eyes.

In addition, the ultra-thin recessed LED downlight adopts PMMA optical lens mask, the wide-angle light irradiated by this lampshade is more uniform and not dazzling, as bright and soft as moonlight, it is easier to create a warm atmosphere in the home environment.

Third, its lights can’t be stroboscopic. In traditional lights, light strobe is an unavoidable flaw.

Because the household electricity used for lighting is itself alternating current. The direction of the alternating current is constantly changing back and forth, so the lights will also flicker at the frequency of the alternating current.

It's just that the flickering frequency is so high that it can't be seen by the naked eye. If you want to eliminate the light flicker, there is a good way: that is to change the alternating current into direct current.

The ultra-thin recessed LED downlight is equipped with a constant current drive device, which converts alternating current into direct current, so that the light emitted will not flicker due to alternating current.

Fourth, the color rendering of its lights should be high. Color rendering is the ability of light to restore the color of things itself. The higher the color rendering, the more real the colors people see; on the contrary, the more unreal the color, and long-term use of the eyes under low color rendering lights will cause damage to the eyes. Certain damage.

When people used electric lights in the early years, they had almost no requirements for color rendering. Not because people had stronger eyes at that time, but because the color rendering of the incandescent lights used at that time was very high, which was infinitely close to natural light.

However, after entering the LED era, color rendering has become a mandatory parameter when choosing lights, which can effectively restore the color of items and protect the eyes.

Fifth, it has a higher appearance. In any case, this is still a beautiful world, and the recessed LED downlight are no exception.

Most of the recessed LED downlight are hidden on the ceiling, there are only two parts that can be seen: the exposed part of the light body and the light.

Because of the particularity of recessed LED downlight, the key to the appearance of the light body is whether it can be subtly integrated into the environment.

The light body of the the ultra-thin recessed LED downlight is made of durable material like PC, which can be well integrated into the ceiling environment, and it is not prone to aging and discoloration.

The ultra-thin recessed LED downlight has two color temperature options, one is 3000K warm light, the other is 6500K cold white light, or soft and warm, or clear and bright. It is a good hand to create an atmosphere. The soft light makes the whole room beautiful. The appearance value can be improved.

Such an ultra-thin recessed LED downlight with both excellent performance and appearance, the price is still very cost-effective, are you excited?

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