Innovative Functions of Smart Recessed Lighting

Traditional household lighting is to manually press the switch reserved on the wall, and control the corresponding lights to turn on and off by turning on and off the power supply.

However, the smart recessed lighting adds a networked control module to connect lights or switches to the network, allowing users to control them through APP, smart speakers, sensors and other methods, and can control multiple lights at the same time. 

smart recessed lighting - voice control

     1. Timing function

    Different lighting modes can be set according to different time periods. For example, when the child is studying, the light is turned on to the brightest. When you get up to go to toilet at night, turn on the lights to the lowest brightness to prevent bumps and avoid the lights from being too bright and dazzling.

    At present, smart recessed lighting can achieve the following functions:

    • In addition to the on and off of a single light, you can also control the color temperature, brightness, and color, and save it as a preset according to your needs, and use the preset directly in the appropriate scene.
    smart recessed lighting - timing function
    • Good morning wake-up function: The smart recessed light will imitate the change of light at sunrise, and reach the brightest after 15 minutes, and the brightness will continue to brighten.
    smart recessed lighting - good morning wake-up function
    • Sunset sleep-inducing function: The light will imitate the wake-up change at sunset, and will fade to the darkest after 10 minutes and turn off the light.
    smart recessed lighting - sunset sleep-inducing function

      The Lumary smart recessed lightings have a variety of different presets, corresponding to different scenes, and individual lights can also achieve special effects such as color gradient and candlelight. The strip light can achieve the effect of color gradation, and can be used in the study and bedroom.

           2. Voice control

        You only need to give voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control the Lumary lights. Just turn on/off, change the light's color, dim/brighten the light by speaking to Alexa or Google Home. Let your hands free~

        smart recessed lighting - voice control

             3. Group control

        Multiple recessed lights can be grouped, and multiple recessed lights in different positions can be controlled by one command. The lighting and the scene can be bound, making it more user-friendly.

        At night, you may have to go to the toilet or go to the kitchen to drink some water, so you can link multiple downlights to illuminate several routes. Get up at night and walk out of the room while turning on the night light to the toilet and kitchen. Or you can watch the projection in the living room. To avoid affecting the viewing experience, you need to turn off the lights in the living room, dining room, and aisle, and one instruction can operate multiple devices at the same time.

        smart recessed lighting - group control

        There are also some special ways to play, such as the child sleeping in the room at night. As a parent, if you are worried about your children sneaking up to play at night, you can link the recessed lights with parents' room as long as there is an activity in the children's room at night, which is so convenient~

        Overall, the smart recessed lighting will be more and more popular with people and will become an indispensable item in the smart home life.

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