Why Are Wall Lights an Important Addition to Home Decor?

Lighting can add back the charm to your home interiors. It enhances the look of your furnishings and increases the aesthetic appeal by setting the mood in your humble abode. One important element of such lighting is wall lights.

Wall lights and sconces are perfect for ambient, task as well as accent lighting. However, these are often underestimated despite their functionality and versatility. It is thus vital to explore the advantages of this underrated form of lighting.

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While there are various benefits of using wall lights in your home decor, some of these are detailed below.

1. Various Purposes

Brighter wall lights can be used as a focal point in the room while softer versions can be used for mood lighting. In fact, wall lights can be used for all three types of lighting — ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

A wall light can be used for functional task lighting by placing these strategically beside bathroom mirrors to increase illuminance and eliminate shadows cast by overhead lights. Moreover, an adjustable one can also be affixed beside your sofas or bedside for reading purposes.

When it comes to ambient lighting, wall lamps and sconces with soft and subtle vibrancy can be used to set the mood in a living space. This will help to uplift the atmosphere of any room and amplify the warmth of your interiors.

Wall lamps assist in accent lighting by highlighting certain elements or spaces in your home. This can increase safety by illuminating darker spaces as well as staircases and can augment the allure of your interiors by bringing out elegant and interesting facets such as a beautiful painting, a showpiece or more in your abode. By Living’s Movie Wall Light is a great product for this purpose. This modernistic lamp can be adjusted to focus on whatever you wish to showcase.

It is therefore suitable for all lighting needs and can fulfil various requirements.

2. Save Space and Enhance Setting

A wall lamp can save much space, thereby making places more utilitarian. It can replace table lights on the desk by your bedside and free it up for other uses.

Additionally, wall lights can be used to improve the setting of any room. In case of a small room, by using wall lights that brighten up the walls. Similarly, multiple small wall mellow wall lights, placed equidistantly can be used to make a larger room feel more cozy.

The perfect wall light

3. Versaitility

Wall lights are versatile, they can be used in all spaces of your abode.

  • In bathrooms, these can be placed next to the mirrors in order to illuminate your face without shadows.
  • In bedrooms, these can be used next to the bedpost instead of table lamps to create a more comfortable and welcoming ambience or to be used as reading lights. For example, By Living provides Loft White Wall Light that can be adjusted for height and made to focus on desired elements.
  • In a dining room, wall lights can be used to focus on tables to make food look more appetising while foregoing the glare of overhead lights.
  • In living rooms, these sconces are used to highlight elements such as paintings and showpieces. They can also be used on walls next to stairways in order to prevent injuries.

Besides, wall lamps placed at the right distance can create welcoming entryways and illuminate the path. On the other hand, sconces fixed in the outdoors can act as a decorative element of your landscape and can add a degree of safety by brightening dark spaces.

4. Well Assimilated with Other Lighting Sources

Wall lights can be assimilated well into your interiors along with other light sources such as pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps and more. If a room has a huge chandelier in the middle, dim wall lamps can be used for accent lighting on plain walls or to draw attention to important features. Similarly, these can be used for ambient lighting in rooms along with several pendant lights and globes while giving the convenience of being switched on and off easily when placed beside the bedpost. In bathrooms, they can be used over mirrors along with other brighter light sources. In other words, wall sconces are accommodative and can blend in easily with your home design elements.

The practical application of wall lights

5. Types

Wall lamps are available in various types, each of which differs in terms of functionality.

Uplights can be used to add accent and atmosphere to walls. While downlights are also used for a similar purpose, they are more practical in their application. These accentuate the ground below and illuminate darker places. Two way wall mounted lights, such as the Concrete Exterior LED Wall Light by By Living, are mainly used for ambient settings such as hallways and garden walls.

Adjustable swing arm and reading wall lights can be used for more specific purposes and can be brought to you.

Apart from this, small picture lights are used to focus on certain artwork and paintings and bath and vanity lights can be utilised for glare-free illumination.


All the above pointers justify that wall lamps are a desideratum in all homes.

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