Smart LED Strip Lights FAQ

I have a router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time. Can the light strip be connected?

If the Wi-Fi of the light strip is disconnected, can it still work?

Can't connect normally, how can I get the Mac with light strip?

How to deal with the flashing phenomenon of the strip light?

What can I do if the device cannot be networked?

How do I need to use the device normally?

What should I do if the device does not work?

The light strip is easy to fall off, what should I do?

How to deal with the corners required for the installation of the strip light?

What to do if the light strip flickers after being used for a period of time?

Does the light strip support extension?

Can the strip light be cut at will?

Is there any safety hazard when the power of strip light is hot?

Why can't the strip light save the scene?

The strip light is flashing but the network cannot be configured normally?