Back-to-school season in the United States and future trends in smart lighting

Back-to-school season is one of the most anticipated times for American students. A new school year brings new opportunities and new challenges. As a smart lighting brand, Lumary also brings you content about the future trends of smart lighting and its connection with the back-to-school season at this special moment.

The history of back-to-school season in America

The back-to-school season in the United States can be traced back to the 19th century, when rural children helped their families work during the summer before returning to school in the fall. This tradition continues today, and while today's back-to-school season is more associated with shopping, class preparation, social events, and the promise of a new semester, it still represents new beginnings and growth.

The future trend of smart lighting

Smart lighting is no longer just a fantasy in science fiction, but is rapidly taking root in our daily lives. Lumary has been committed to the development and revolution of smart lighting, and we believe that future trends will be even more exciting. Here are some future trends:

1. Popularize family scenes

Smart lighting is no longer just for tech enthusiasts or the high-end market. In the future, it will be popularized in ordinary home scenes, so that everyone can enjoy convenient and efficient lighting solutions.

2. Widely used in public scenes

Intelligent lighting will be widely used in public scenes, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This not only improves energy efficiency but also provides better lighting quality and safety.

3. Students’ home dormitories and school dormitories

Students are active beneficiaries of smart lighting. In their dormitories at home, they can easily control lighting through smart lighting systems to improve learning efficiency and living comfort. In school dormitories, smart lighting can provide better safety and environmental protection, helping students concentrate on studying.

Lumary's mission

Lumary's long-standing mission is to provide convenient and excellent lighting solutions for various scenes. We firmly believe that smart lighting is not just a technology, but a way to improve the quality of life. In the future, we will continue to work hard to promote the revolution of smart lighting and provide your homes, schools and communities with smarter, greener and more comfortable lighting experiences.

The back-to-school season represents a new beginning, and Lumary will continue to innovate in the field of smart lighting to bring you more surprises and convenience. Thank you for your continued support and let us look forward to a bright future together!

We wish all students a successful and bright new school year!

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