New Eaves Lights: Transforming the Future of Outdoor Lighting

In modern life, lighting is no longer just to provide light, but has become a key element to create atmosphere and enhance the beauty of space. We are very proud to announce that our new eave lights will revolutionize the way you think about outdoor lighting. Let's learn about this revolutionary product and how it solves problems in the market to bring an unparalleled lighting experience.

Issues and challenges

There are many problems with outdoor point lights on the market, including complex dimming means, large product weight, and no lighting Angle. These problems lead to high product costs and limit people's choices. Our company is determined to solve these problems and launch an excellent eave lighting product.

Product features and advantages

Multiple controls: Our eave lights support APP, voice command, control box button control and remote control, so you can easily adjust the lighting effect.

Colorful lighting options: With RBGWW (2200K-6500K) lighting, support for independent unit control, dimming color, a variety of scene modes, music rhythm and countdown and other intelligent control kinds.

Wave light effect: The distance between each eave light is 40cm, and the wave light effect can be displayed after installation, adding unique charm to your outdoor space.

Appearance design: reflective cup design, single light Angle up to 46 degrees, the surface of the lamp board with high quality paint, to provide efficient waterproof performance.

Product specifications

Model selection: We have launched two models of 39 and 78 lights to adapt to the needs of different outdoor Spaces.

Size: The single lamp is 52mm x 52mm x 21mm cylindrical.

Total length: The total length of 39 lamp products is 20 meters, the total length of 78 lamp products is 36 meters.

Power: Both products are 55W, providing sufficient brightness while maintaining energy efficiency.


Whether it is under the eaves of your home or at the Angle between the ceiling and the wall, our eaves lights will become the focal point of your outdoor space, creating the perfect lighting effect for you. Without the need for complex controllers and professional installation, our eaves lights will transform your outdoor lighting experience. We look forward to where your taste meets our quality!

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