Voice Control And Remote Control Your Smart Home With Lumary Smart WiFi USB Outlets

Some people may think that using Lumary Smart WiFi USB Outlet will make them lazy. However, in my opinion, control the switches by vioce makes me a much more efficient person. Everyone holds their own opinion!

No more worried about having to stand up to switch on the ceiling fan at night. And if I prefer not to speak I can simply grab my phone, open up the Lumary app, and manage any of the devices plugged into my smart outlets.

Still not convinced you’d like the convenience of smart outlets in your life? Go ahead to learn more about the Lumary USB Outlet.

Features of The Lumary Smart USB Outlet:

Both of smart wall outlets work just like standard wall outlets but with some obvious enhancements. With its voice control, app control, tamper resistant, individual control, and timing functions, Lumary Smart USB Outlet is an excellent choice. Here is a quick features breakdown…

  • Remote App Control

Use the Smart Life or Lumary app on your Android or iOS phone to remotely control your USB Outlet anytime from anywhere. A quick check on your app will provide peace of mind that you turned off the coffee machine or curling iron before rushing to work in the morning. Or turn on your lights before you arrive home. 

  • Set Schedules and Timers

Both of the two sockets as well as the USB ports can be controlled independently. This allows for separate timers and schedules for multiple devices plugged into the Lumary Smart Receptacle. By providing each socket and the USB ports specific names in the Lumary app you can manage them how you would like. This is great for lights, fans, space heaters, coffee machines, or any ordinary device that you want to make “smarter.”

  • Voice Control

Both of the two sockets and the USB ports can also be controlled with your voice using either Alexa or Google Assistant. Simply call upon them by their specific names and you can quickly turn them on or off. It’s easy to say, “Alexa, turn off Office Lights” or “Hey Google, turn on Basement Heater.” 

  • No Hub Required

Lumary Smart USB Outlet requires no hub, adapter, gateway, or receiver. All that you will need is a phone and the Lumary app (Smart Life app is also compatible) along with a 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

  • Easy to Install

Basic electrical wiring knowledge will make installing the Lumary Smart WiFi USB Outlet as easy as any standard wall outlet. But if you don’t have any electrical experience, the detailed instructions included in the packaging and app will walk you through the process. Installation should take you about 20 minutes.

Setting Up The Lumary Smart WiFi Outlet:

In order to remotely control the Lumary Smart WiFi Outlet, you can use the Lumary or Smart Life app. Both are free and work with Android and iOS. As with most smart home devices, Lumary Smart WiFi Outlet will only connect to 2.4GHz wireless networks.

1) Download the Lumary app from Google Play or the App Store.

2) Register a Lumary account.

3) Install the USB outlet (detailed instructions included in product packaging).

4) Connect the USB outlet to the Lumary app using Easy Mode or AP Mode.

5) Lumary app will walk you through the steps to complete set-up including adding WiFi information.

Quick Guide For Google Assistant

1) Open the Google Home app and go to Home Control in the menu.

2) Tap the “+” button.

3) Choose Smart Life from the list of home control partners.

4) Authorize your account with Google Assistant, using your username and password from your Lumary app. Now your Google Home app and Lumart smart USB outlet have connected.

A few things you can say to Google…“Hey Google, turn off lights in the bedroom”. “Hey Google, turn on the coffee machine”. “Hey Google, set living room lights to 20%”

Quick Guide For Amazon Alexa

1) Open the Alexa app and go to Skills in the menu.

2) Search for Smart Life then tap Enable.

3) Authorize your account with Smart Home Skills using the username and password from your Lumary app.

4) Choose “Discover Devices.” After a few seconds, your Lumary devices will be displayed under Smart Home in the Alexa app. You can rename your devices in the Lumary app and Alexa will refer to them by the same name.

A few things you can say…“Alexa, discover my devices”. “Alexa, turn on the porch light”. “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light”.

Final Verdict On The Lumary Smart WiFi Outlet

If you are ready to build a more connected home, Lumary Smart WiFi Outlet is a good way to go. Unlike smart plugs, WiFi connectivity is built right into the smart outlets. And they look like an ordinary outlet, not an outlet that has a smart plug that you then plug your appliance into.

Lumary Smart USB Outlet just need $29.99. And you will get a 10% discount by using the discount code: APP10. So totally it just takes you $26.99, which is really very cost-effective. Get Your Lumary USB Outlet Now!


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