What Kinds of Light Color Should I Use in My Home

Have you ever realized the importance of having good lighting at home? Light is essential in our day to day to the extent that if we use it incorrectly we could affect our well-being.

The type of lighting that you should use in your home depends on several factors, but mainly on the use that the room will have. If it is a space to study, the light should keep you awake and focused, but if it is a room for rest, a warmer tone will be ideal.

Warm light, white or neutral light, we explain where you should place each of them depending on the purpose of the space and the characteristics that you must take into account to choose the right one.

Basic concepts
Your home must have a balanced configuration between the different types of light, but the ideal is to have a house where natural lighting is the best. In this way, artificial lighting should only focus on accentuating some spaces.

You must consider not only the choice between warm or cold light, but also take into account where and when each of them will be used.

White light

The human body is designed to respond to changes in light that occur throughout the day. This phenomenon is called the circadian cycle, and it allows the body to regulate the heart rate according to the amount of light.

During the day, the sun emits white to blue light that helps us stay alert and feel energized. For this reason, the white light that imitates daylight is ideal for spaces where you carry out your daily routine such as the kitchen, bathroom, gym, office or for your dressing table, as it allows you to see the colors as they really are.

Avoid placing white light in rest areas, especially in your bedroom. When the body absorbs too much light of the wrong kind, the sleep cycle can be affected.

Warm light

As we mentioned before, the heart rate adapts to the amount of light, which leads us to deduce that as night approaches our rate slows down to allow us to enter a state of relaxation that, together with the production of melatonin -a hormone that helps us feel drowsy - prepares us to go to sleep.

Warm light is characterized by its yellowish tones which the brain associates with warmth, comfort and relaxation. Due to its characteristics, it is ideal for bedrooms or the TV room.

It should be noted that this type of lighting can change our perception of color, make us feel sleepy and make it difficult to focus on specific tasks.

Neutral light

As its name indicates, this type of lighting presents the perfect balance between warm light and cold light. It is more common to see it in combination with warm light than with cold light, but both configurations are possible.

It is characterized by maintaining a relaxed atmosphere but with a more active touch that allows tasks that require attention to be carried out. It is perfect for social areas such as the dining room and living room, or for transition areas such as hallways and hallways.

It is also possible to place it in the room, the only recommendation is that you avoid using it on your nightstand. The further away from your bed, the better.

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