How to Choose Lighting for Your Kitchen - Lumary
In addition to choosing furniture and appliances, it is also important to choose the right kitchen lighting so that you can feel comfortable while cooking and eating in the kitchen. It comes in many shapes, mostly depending on the style...
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How smart lights make your Christmas fantastic - Lumary
Smart Christmas lights are a perfect addition to your home during the holidays, allowing you to change up your Christmas decorations for each special moment: set the mood for Christmas dinner, wash the walls with fun colours of light as your family opens their gifts, and more.
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Lumary RGBAi Smart Recessed Light with Auxiliary Light - Lumary
Today, I’m excited to introduce the Lumary RGBAi Smart Recessed Light with Auxiliary Light — a revolutionary lighting solution that adds convenience and ambiance to any space. This light is perfect for creating an immersive atmosphere, as you can customize its color...
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